There’s no correlation between conspirators & creativity

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Staring out to the horizon of a blue-green Atlantic on my arrival here at [venue name withheld] I wondered what the next stop going West over that horizon might be. Turns out to be the small South American State of [venue name withheld] a place I have never visited. But what I also noticed (and have been training field glasses on ever since) was that there are usually at least two oil tankers making steady progress due south from [national name withheld], and as the colossal oil producer [national name withheld] is to the South East of us here (I thought) they were on route to fill their boots.

This would make sense if there were any tankers coming back – given that EUNATO is the region most in need of black gold right now. But the traffic is very much one way. So either there’s going to be…

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