Attacking the Human Heart – How Covid Lockdown applies cult methods

The way Lockdown has been enforced follows the methods cults use to recruit, subordinate, enslave, demoralise and break the spirit of their recruits, enabling total subjugation and exploitation.

  1.  WE HAVE YOUR INTERESTS TO HEART  Allow us to introduce ourselves. We love you. We care about you. We want to protect you. We only care about your welfare.
  2. TOTAL OBEDIENCE. But we can only protect you if you completely trust us, surrender to us and give us total obedience.
  3. FEAR The world is a dangerous place. We are the only ones who can protect you from the danger.
  4. DEMONISATION OF ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES  Do not listen to anyone else. They are lying. They are the enemy. They want to hurt you. They want to lead you astray. The only safety is with us and doing what we ask.
  5. MONOPOLISATION OF MESSAGE  Alternative viewpoints aren’t even allowed to be considered, just censored.
  6. REPETITION.  The way our minds work endlessly repeated nonsense starts to feel normal.
  7. BREAKING UP FAMILIES or atomisation. This involves destroying the emotional support structure that families provide. In predator/prey terms, cutting the individual from the herd makes them easier prey. The cult model has a major stake in  attacking family ties, not just to isolate individuals but to demoralise them by subjecting them to stress, fear, anxiety, hatred, and coerce those subjected to your dictates to acts which cause them guilt, shame, grief and remorse, resulting in helplessness and compliance. Old people, frail in mind and body in the last months and moments of their life separated from their loyal and loved spouses and children, not only inflicting suffering on them but leaving their loved ones with the guilt and shame of abandoning their dying relatives, even though they had no choice.
  8. PARENTS BEING FORCED TO ABUSE THEIR CHILDREN  Parents being forced to deny their children outside play, use of playgrounds, swimming, even walking in the countryside or on a beach. Small children too young to understand why their parents are doing it. MASKING infants from the age of two, admitted as a health hazard. Parents forced to do it even though they know it is harming their child.
  9. SUBORDINATION AND SEXUAL DEGRADATION OF FEMALES OF ALL AGES  Child abuse,  wife battering and murder exploded under Lockdown, the victims caged with their abusers by police.
  10. SNITCH IMPERATIVE.  Everyone encouraged to report to the police anyone rejecting the Lockdown orders.
  11. FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION.  Cults seek to financially ruin their captures to cause dependency.
  13. CONTROL OF MOVEMENT.  Cult captives are forced to live where their masters dictate and are only allowed to travel where their masters permit.

So what are the objectives of cults? Power and wealth through enslavement of their victims.

The opposite of human rights and freedom.