The silence from BBC News and Sky News is deafening after up to 1 million people marched for your Freedom on May 29th

Freedom Of Speech

‘If you were not in central London on the day of the event, or you are somebody who believes the only real news is what is reported on the BBC or Sky, then you could be forgiven for not even knowing that one million people marched through the streets of London against the medical tyranny that has infested the United Kingdom.Or maybe you are one of those who has seen the select few reports in the mainstream media which describes the event as just hundreds of anti-vaxxers attending? If you are we can reliably inform you that you have been lied to. Because the event that took place in London on the 29th May 2021 was one of the largest protests the United Kingdom has ever seen in which millions from all walks of life attended.People who have never protested in their lives were compelled to attend the march for…

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Covid Deaths Plunge After Mexico City Introduces Ivermectin

The Most Revolutionary Act

(Image by Nemo Jo from Pixabay)

By Art Moore


A citywide initiative in Mexico City to prescribe ivermectin to COVID-19 patients resulted in a plunge in hospitalizations and deaths, two studies found.

Hospitalizations were down by as much as 76%, according to research by the Mexican Digital Agency for Public Innovation, Mexico’s Ministry of Health and the Mexican Social Security Institute, according to a TrialSiteNews report highlighted by LifeSiteNews.

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10,000 Doctors and 1,000 Lawyers to Sue CDC, WHO, Davos for ‘Crimes Against Humanity

Nwo Report

Source:Humans Are Free

Thousands of respected doctors and attorneys have joined forces to sue the CDC, WHO and Davos for ‘crimes against humanity.’

Humans Are Free reported in March:

Should the technocrats who pushed governments to lockdown their citizens be tried for crimes against humanity?

One prominent German lawyer,Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, [in photo below] who is also licensed to practice law in America, thinks they should. And he is organizing a team of thousands of participating lawyers who want to prosecute a “second Nuremberg tribunal” against a cadre of international elites responsible for what he calls the “corona fraud scandal.”

Fuellmich was on the legal team that won a major lawsuit against German automaker Volkswagen in a 2015 case involving tampered catalytic converters in the U.S. He also was involved in a lawsuit that exposed one of Germany’s largest banks, Deutsche Bank, as a criminal enterprise.

The bank was…

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Loads of people, loads of photos – the demo they want you to think never took place

All the Goss

What a day! What beautiful people! What a kick in the teeth for the establishment! And not a mask in sight – except from the police who were forced to wear them. Poor things.

Were you there? If you were you might be able to spot yourself in one of these pictures from the march and rally that yesterday brought central London to a standstill. Or perhaps you can spot the poster you designed and carried.

The featured image prophesies and encapsulates media reaction. Silence. Here it is again.

First about the size of the rally. Some may think it is not the place of a man of my years to be climbing up onto the lions in Trafalgar Square to get some of the best exclusive photographs of a turn in the tide. They might be right. But what the photos show is the rapidly growing movement opposed to…

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How Truth Was Destroyed So Americans Would Crave Propaganda

The Free Thought Project
by Don Via Jr.


In this first installment of The Free Thought Project’s new investigative collection, Declassified: The Conspiracy Fact Series, we take an in-depth dive into understanding the nuances controlled corporate media. Particularly in the United States, and how information warfare is used to shape public opinion.

One of the most vital fundamentals in understanding how the ruling elite / predator class facilitate their agendas is the role of controlled media to create perception. Perception is, in essence, reality. What is perceived is usually widely believed.

For example, the notion that the sky is blue. Scientifically speaking it actually is not, we only perceive it as blue due to the refraction of light waves through earth’s atmosphere and into the retina of the eye. Ask anyone without an understanding of this scientifically fundamental fact and they will undoubtedly espouse that the sky is indeed blue…

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The Pandemic that never was

All the Goss

The media still talks about a Covid pandemic that never took place. It is meant to instil fear and thus encourage – cajole might be a better word – people into taking vaccines which are next to useless.

Here is the total number of burials and cremations for my home city of Birmingham for the “pandemic” year – less in fact than any of the previous five years. Yet people are climbing over one another to get to the front of the vaccination queue for injections of an untested genetic concoction.

And if you think Birmingham is an exception here are figures from some other towns and cities obtained by Nick Milner using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. Central Bedfordshire seems to be the most inefficient region in the country for record-keeping and refused Nick’s request on the grounds of the search being too costly.

There was no pandemic and…

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Italy Facing CIVIL WAR as Prime Minister ORDERS Vaccines to be Mandatory for all

AGR Free Press

In violation of every term of the Italian Constitution, the Charter of Human Rights of the European Nations, of the UN Charter for Human Rights, and every medical, scientific and religious moral norm, the Sanitary Dictatorship has approved the conversion into law of the Administrative Decree of Mario Draghi’s Government.  

The terms of this Dictatorial Decree oblige every resident of Italy to take the Vaxx, regardless of any position of religion or conscience.

Those who refuse, will be DENIED all medical assistance, in all hospitals and clinics, public and private.

Here is a direct link to the Italian Gazette, the official publication of the Italian Republic regarding laws. The Decree of April 1, 2021 was converted into a “law” by a vote in Parliament last week. The key wording is in Article 5, where anyone, who is deemed to be “not in present use of their natural faculties” — i…

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Canadian Physicians Band Together to Fight Censorship and Threats Regarding COVID-19

The Most Revolutionary Act


The Declaration

We are a broad and diverse group of Canadian physicians from across Canada who are sending out this urgent declaration to the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of our various Provinces and Territories and to the Public at large, whom we serve.

On April 30, 2021, Ontario’s physician licensing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), issued a statement forbidding physicians from questioning or debating any or all of the official measures imposed in response to COVID-19. 1

The CPSO then went on to threaten physicians with punishment – investigations and disciplinary action.

We regard this recent statement of the CPSO to be unethical, anti-science and deeply disturbing.

As physicians, our primary duty of care is not to the CPSO or any other authority, but to our patients.

When we became physicians, we pledged to put our patients first and that our ethical…

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BC: Two thirds of COVID deaths in nursing homes

While the government of the Canadian province of British Columbia went ballistic in its lockdown including restricting travel within the province and not allowing people to leave their health district, the politicians and health officials seem to have been oblivious to the real problem — the nursing homes.

An interesting story out of British Columbia (BC) addresses the government’s failure to stop the spread of COVID in nursing homes and according to the reporter allegedly tried to cover it up.

The South China Morning Post reported:

Vancouver’s two health authorities, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and Fraser Health, both tried to withhold data about the apparent failures of the strategy known as “enhanced surveillance” or “enhanced monitoring”, until they were compelled to provide it by Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.[…]

As of April 24, 988 residents of BC care facilities have died of Covid-19 during the outbreak, accounting for about two-thirds…

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