The worst U-turn on vaccine passes

The New Dark Age

26 July 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Dear friends,

You can’t have missed the news that the Government wants to make vaccine passes mandatory from September for large gatherings, without even the option of a test as an alternative. The front pages have been filled with Government threats confirming our worst fears – access to nightclubs, sports events, and even universities could be restricted to only those with COVID vaccine IDs.

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Politics Disguised as Science: When to Doubt a Scientific ‘Consensus’

When political chicanery uses science as an argument what are the signs you are being conned?

Link to the list is at the end of the article. Substitute “Covid” for “climate change”.


Makes a lot of sense.

When we see public marches supporting some scientific issue, it suggests a degree of desperation. One wonders what could possibly be wrong with the “science” if it does not stand proudly on its own merits?

Too many people are able to see when science is being adulterated and used for a  political agenda and it is apparently hoped that public marches will counter their influence.

Science has its logical basis and departures from logic cannot be ignored.

From ‘The Stream

Anyone who has studied the history of science knows that scientists are not immune to the non-rational dynamics of the herd.

This week’s March for Science is odd. Marches are usually held to defend something that’s in peril. Does anyone really think big science is in danger? The mere fact that the March was scheduled for Earth Day betrays what…

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THE VICTORIA DECLARATION—Claiming Our Rights and Freedoms


If you are interested go to to sign this declaration

The Victoria Declaration presents a foundation for the restoration of humanity.
Its authors declare that humanity is at a critical juncture because collectively we have failed to grasp the significance of the events unfolding around us and to respond appropriately.

It is only through being conscious of every word we whisper and every action we take, that we will be able to co-create a future where human rights and freedoms are revered and honored for all of humanity.

The Victoria Declaration is for you, your family, your community, your city, your nation – for humanity itself in all of its sovereign expressions.

Please take this document and share it, evolve it, express it, and make it your own.
May our voices joined in harmony be insurmountable.



There is little argument that governments globally…

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEKS … (Politically Uncorrected)


From thee weeks:

The Climate: Electric vehicles are a scam? (Report)

The pandemic: Expert opposes current vaccinations (Interview)

More pandemic: Government control measures contradicted by actual hospital reports (Report) (More)

Science: New advances may lead to turning humans into puppets? (Article)

Energy: A shortage is now guaranteed (Article)

U.S. Healthcare: Politicization settling in (Article)

The U.S. power grid is a major vulnerability (Report)

The U.S. Capitol riot (Video) {Pictures worth millions of words)

The pandemic: Ivermectin treats the disease but it isn’t profitable enough for governors to allow it? (Article)

Russia: Foreign wars updated (Report)

U.S. Agriculture: Severe, widespread drought affecting crops and livestock (Report) (More)

The pandemic: Study shows previously infected patients unlikely to benefit from vaccination (Report)

The economy: China ups price controls in reaction to rising inflation (Report) More: Bank warns of inflation (Report)

The pandemic

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Alliance for Natural Health is Sounding the Alarm!

The PPJ Gazette

Senator Durbin (D-IL) is planning to include an amendment to a must-pass appropriations bill that would give the FDA enormous power to eliminate food supplements we need to stay healthy, especially during the pandemic. His deadline is early next week, so we have no time to lose. Urgent alert! Senator Durbin’s goal is to create a mandatory product listing with the FDA, which seems innocuous but is far from it. The problem is that FDA is separately completing a process to eliminate every supplement from the market that doesn’t meet “new supplement” notification requirements, which are akin to new drug requirements, and the FDA needs Sen. Durbin’s list to locate and pull an estimated 41,700 supplements from the market. Such notification requirements may seem reasonable, even laudable, but they will restrict consumer access to supplements. Drugs can afford these types of requirements because they are patentable in a way…

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JULY 24 – The Day The World Shook

Satu Insan - Malaysia

!! UPDATES ongoing from time to time…

As the title suggests and more precisely, it is the Saturday the Governments of the world shook.

The people of the world rose to tell the powers-that-be (PTB) that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

From down-under Australia all across to South Africa, about a hundred cities erupted in protests against the Plandemic Scam which frozen the lives of the people for about 18 months.

Saturday is ‘Thaw’ Day and as the heat built up, the ice melted and the people shout, “NO MORE LOCKDOWNS”.

Like wildfire the protests spread from Sydney, Tokyo, Athens, Rome, Paris, Helsinki, London and Cape Town.

Interestingly as numerology has it, it is…

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‘Freedom Day’…what a joke that was…

Was anyone seriously expecting ‘Freedom Day’ to be anything other than an utter con? We certainly weren’t. Nor were the thousands of protesters who gathered around Parliament Square and Whitehall today (19.7) to let the government know that vaccine passports and other coercive measures would not be tolerated. This protest started in the morning but by the end of the afternoon it was dispersing/being dispersed. So when the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, dropped his bombshell at around 5pm, there were few people left on the streets to react to it. The bombshell in question being the imposition of compulsory Covid vaccination certificates for ‘crowded venues’ from the end of September onwards: Covid vaccine certificates to be compulsory for crowded venues in England.

For various reasons, healthy scepticism about an experimental medical injection being one of them, young people are not flocking in their droves to get ‘jabbed’. The announcement of…

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The Estuary Stirrer – Protest Edition No.03

This is the paper that will be getting handed out at the freedom protest in London this Saturday (24.7). Given what PM Johnson dropped on us yesterday – ‘Freedom Day’…what a joke that was… – this is going to be a vital protest to get across the point that we will not tolerate coercive measures such as mandatory vaccination passports.

This is the link to the PDF of The Estuary Stirrer – Protest Edition No.03

PLEASE NOTE – For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you download the PDF of The Estuary Stirrer from DropBox to your PC/laptop/phone.

Here’s the text and images from the paper:

Our freedoms are not for the state to take from us and ‘give back’ as and when it suits them

With freedom comes responsibility towards each other, individually and collectively. Over the last seventeen months, we’ve been browbeaten about how we exercise that…

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