Chris Luxon needs to do more than just sleepwalk his way to victory

Same things happening in UK. How strange.

Waikanae Watch

by Geoffrey Churchman

A photo I took of Chris Luxon with Nicola Willis getting interviewed by a TV One reporter in the Wellington Botanic Rose Garden on 1 December 2021.

Today marks a year since Chris Luxon was voted leader of the National Party by its MPs, ousting Judith Collins. Although recent opinion polls have shown National has a comfortable margin ahead of Labour — high 30’s versus low 30’s — many feel that National should by now be in the high 40’s, the same as the Jacinda Party was getting prior to the 2020 election. That it isn’t getting that level of support is an indicator of problems that Luxon and his colleagues and advisors need to address.

To any objective outside observer, this government has been handing (potential) support for National and ACT to them on a plate: among other things:

  • The systematic dismantling of democracy and its…

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60% of Great Britain’s manufacturing sector risks closure due to soaring energy prices

The Most Revolutionary Act

60% of Great Britain’s manufacturing sector risks closure due to soaring energy prices
Dr Eddy Betterman

The results of a new survey on the current state of the British economy are dire, suggesting that as many as six in 10 manufacturing businesses throughout the country are at risk of closing due to skyrocketing energy bills.

MakeUK, a manufacturing lobby organization in the United Kingdom, announced over the weekend that 42 percent of British manufacturing businesses have already seen their electricity bills double over the past year. About 32 percent have also seen their gas bills double.

Already, some 13 percent of British manufacturers have had to pare down their hours of operation to compensate for energy inflation. Twelve percent, we are told, have had to lay off workers as a result of ever-increasing energy costs.

If things continue on the current hyperinflationary trajectory – and there is no reason to believe otherwise – then at least 50 percent of British manufacturing businesses will…

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Meeting the 4,000 year old man |You Tube

Yes, the video is there.

He was actually in his early sixties when he died, they think caused by a brain tumour.

He ate a lot of meat.

He was probably a warrior chief as his bones show signs of healed fractures.

His bones turned black due to chemical reaction between iron and the oak coffin.

The Victorian method of preserving the skeleton by boiling it in glue destroyed the DNA.

Oak tree burials are very rare finds.

When Lying Becomes a Virtue, Civilization Declines — peckford42

Barry Brownstein – November 7, 2022 Famed social psychology professor Jonathan Haidt has been thinkingabout the dangers of attesting to something he doesn’t believe. Lying is now necessary, for Haidt to keep his professional standing.  For others, the stakes are even higher; if they don’t lie, they may lose their job. Nicole Levitt, for example, has been asked […]

When Lying Becomes a Virtue, Civilization Declines — peckford42

The seeming irrational methods of ruling elites makes perfect sense if viewed as a eugenics programme for producing docile slaves

Characteristics in the population the governing class are anti and systematically attack:


Independence, practical and intellectual

Pro-social values, such as protecting women and children, and the vulnerable in the community = male values

Replacing effective male values with passive, compliant female ones (men should be more like women)

Moral responsibility








Any virtue that gets between the exploiter and their victim


Values the ruling elites support and promote


Conformity and fear of being different or thinking for oneself

Deriding values of justice and fairness

Helplessness – denying people the right and means to protect themselves and others

Exploitation promoted as being clever, and contempt for the exploited

Destruction of social solidarity and human support networks – the family, sexual relations, community loyalty, national identity

Hi-jacking charities from their charitable purpose to promote elite interests

Denial of education replaced by social programming

Degradation of positive aspects of culture, replaced, literally, with trash.

Contempt and disregard for merit of any kind, including moral, and achievement

Infantilising the populace (as in slavery. Men are called boys. Women are called girls. The message being you are all childish so you need to be ruled by your betters).

Wholesale degradation of every moral and pro-social value.

Destroying conscience. (Officials watch a child drown because they are forbidden by the rules to help).

Promoting blind obedience.


Have I covered everything? Not by a long shot.

Think for yourself.

Know your enemy.