Why Do Tech Companies Want to Read Our Minds? (Brain-computer interfaces, surgical implants and the end of privacy)

New Intrigue

We are free to think whatever we want.

From a young age, we are told that no one else can know what we are thinking. Someone can study our actions, our facial expressions and our body language, but they can never know for sure what we are thinking. Our thoughts are private and secure, and shared only with those we trust.

This gives us various abilities: the capacity to lie, to hide secrets and to present the ‘best’ version of ourselves rather than revealing everything we think, all at once. It allows us to ponder, to ruminate and to come to conclusions after brainstorming. It allows us to have bad impulses but not act on them, or to think bad things but still be good people. It is key to games like Poker. It is essential to human society.

Well, that is set to change.

Facebook has decided that big…

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What is left to say?

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

30th December 2020

I have not written much about COVID19 recently. What can be said? In my opinion the world has simply gone bonkers. The best description can be found in Dante’s Inferno, written many hundreds of years ago.

In it, Dante describes the outcasts, who took no side in the rebellion of angels. They live in the vestibule. Not in heaven, not in hell, forever unclassified. They reside on the shores of the Acheron. Naked and futile, they race around through a hellish mist in eternal pursuit of an elusive, wavering banner, symbolic of their pursuit of ever-shifting self-interest.

I find this description of the desperate pursuit of an elusive wavering banner rings rather true. This, it seems, is pretty much the place we have arrived at. Which banner have you decided to follow?

The ‘COVID19 s the most terrible infection ever, and we must do everything in…

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So Hard to Watch


The UK are being dragged into a socio-economic crisis bigger than anything they have seen since World War 2, and for what reason? Mental health, food supply chains, unemployment, a widening wealth divide, health care access crisis, and so many other seemingly insurmountable issues are crashing down simultaneously on this nation. Some of the reasons are connected to Brexit which I have no understanding of. But many are related to the government’s pandemic response which I do have an understanding of and feel a need to share because our mainstream media steadfastly refuse to cover the topic with any balance. Everyone is bought into the idea that the virus is raging and killing people across Britain and Europe. In reality this is untrue. The details are complicated, but I’ll try to offer an overview here, with a focus on London but the information is transferable across Britain and in fact…

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Did You Know? 9 Topics to Share, by James Grundvig


Make sure your questions have been answered and you know the risks if you’re planning on getting the shot. From James Grundvig at vaxxter.com:

On December 8, 2020, the wheels of the Operation Warp Speed train began to slip off the rails. The confidence game thrust upon the public by the global medical cartel, with fake news and false data emblazoned in every headline, has fallen short of convincing people to blindly step in line, roll up their sleeves, and take the shot.

Reports of foot blisters and Bell’s palsy—a form of facial paralysis—impacting some people who took the trial vaccines doesn’t bode well for DNA-altering vaccines that have never been experimented on the human race until now. In another ominous warning sign, the Pfizer COVID data recommends those who are allergic to the ingredients in the shots should avoid taking them.

Wow! That is what tens of…

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Reports: Emergency Hospitals Dismantled Despite Claim Hospitalisations Worse Than ‘First Wave’

Nwo Report

The hospitals have been almost completely empty for the duration of the health crisis

Source:Steve Watson

A report has confirmed that emergency hospitals in the UK are being dismantled and removed, despite government claims that hospitalizations from coronavirus have hit a level HIGHER than they were during the first wave of the pandemic back in March and April.

The reports in the Daily Mail and the London Telegraph note that the facilities, known as ‘Nightingale hospitals’, set up at huge conference centres and other warehouse spaces are “being quietly taken apart” because there are not enough staff to run them.

Despite the seven facilities throughout the UK costing as much as £220million to set up and equip, the hospitals have been almost completely empty for the duration of the health crisis.

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Twelve Times the Lockdowners Were Wrong, by Phillip W. Magness


It’s not just the measures that have been taken in response to the coronavirus that make people mad; it’s all the lies, too. From Phillip W. Magness at aier.org:

This has been a year of astonishing policy failure. We are surrounded by devastation conceived and cheered by intellectuals and their political handmaidens. The errors number in the thousands, so please consider the following little more than a first draft, a mere guide to what will surely be unearthed in the coming months and years. We trusted these people with our lives and liberties and here is what they did with that trust.

  1. Anthony Fauci says lockdowns are not possible in the United States (January 24):

When asked about the mass quarantine containment efforts underway in Wuhan, China back in January, Fauci dismissed the prospect of lockdowns ever coming to the United States:

“That’s something that I don’t think…

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Unequal burden: how the COVID-19 pandemic is adding to women’s workloads

The Most Revolutionary Act

(Credit: Unsplash)

This article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum.

Author: Alex Thornton, Senior Writer, Formative Content

  • COVID-19 restrictions mean both men and women spend longer doing jobs around the home.
  • Women have seen a larger increase in unpaid work than men.
  • Evidence shows that COVID-19 is reinforcing traditional social and cultural gender norms.
  • A new report for UN Women analyses data from 38 countries around the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic downturn it has caused, have hit everyone hard. But the impact has not been spread equally. A new report by UN Women has found clear evidence that, although both genders have seen their unpaid workloads increase, women are bearing more of the burden than men.

a chart showing how childcare is divided between men and women
Women still do much more than men. Image: “Whose time to care?”, UN Women

Even before the pandemic, women…

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