Thousands march across France as nationwide opposition to domestic Covid ID shows no signs of fizzling out

The New Dark Age

31 July 2021 — RT

Demonstrators have flooded the streets of cities and towns across France for the third straight week as citizens continue to resist the government’s plan to require a health pass to engage in several ordinary activities.

Huge crowds turned out in Paris on Saturday as riot police attempted to corral the seemingly endless columns of protesters filling the capital’s main thoroughfares. Drumming, chanting and exploding firecrackers could be heard in a Ruptly livestream of the massive demonstration. The protesters could be heard shouting “Liberty!” as they snaked their way through the city’s streets.

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Problems with WordPress/Ipad

I will be blogging less frequently due to problems with above. Over the last few months the functions that I can no longer access on WordPress on my Ipad, in order of disappearance are; WordPress Search; Reader; Tags/Categories; New Post; Editor; and Like and Re-blog buttons on various WordPress sites, mainly American but also a few Canadian and South African.

I am writing this on a library computer where all the above functions are still working.

I intentionally bought a first generation Ipad, which does not take upgrades nor downloads and have kept anonymous in order to avoid the plethora of problems I previously experienced with an Ipad contract.

All very mysterious and inexplicable.

A Tale of Two Narratives, by Raúl Ilargi Meijer


Choose wisely. From Raúl Ilargi Meijer at

This is a double list from longtime Automatic Earth regular commenter TAE Summary , posted in yesterday’s Debt Rattle thread. It’s too useful, and nice, and well-done, to leave it there, it should -and deserves to- be seen by more people. Who will all recognize something here, but not all the same. Good! Now we’re talking!

TAE Summary:

The Mainstream Narrative

– It is not known where Covid 19 originated but the most likely origin is the transmission from an animal to humans

– Covid 19 has killed 600K people in the US

– Trump botched the Covid 19 response costing many lives

– Many deaths were preventable if we’d tested, masked, tracked and locked down better

– Vaccines are good and have eradicated polio, measles, whooping cough and other diseases

– Vaccines against Covid 19 are safe and effective and…

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It’s Time to Return to Vigorous Medical Debate

Nwo Report

Source: Brian Parsons

The world has been living with COVID-19 for more than eighteen months now.I think they call this the new normal.If by now you haven’t developed natural immunity to the virus, there are a half-dozen or so COVID-19 vaccines and candidates publicly available to you or in approval stages.The bulk of the country is mostly open, and many states have been for six to eight months or more.As the summer wanes and a return to school approaches, we’re beginning to hear the mutterings of an all too familiar disease management style that places an outsized emphasis on reduced public interaction, masking, and even lockdowns.

These measures have had disastrous consequences economically, with skyrocketing inflation and supply chain disruptions. They’ve taken an enormous toll on the physical and mental health of the public as suppressed treatment and diagnosis for other ailments have resulted in increased morbidity and

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Top Doctor: Prepare For 3-5 Years of “Turmoil” Due To Credibility Collapse of Medical Establishment



“Something has gone very wrong in the world. The whole medical bio-scientific underpinnings have been broken. We’re off our moorings,” says Dr. Peter McCullough.Medical institutions like the World Health Organization and the CDC have created a fear-based environment, not an evidence-based environment.

Texas A&M professor of medicine Dr. Peter McCullough warned that the world should brace for three to five years of “turmoil” due to the collapse of the medical establishment’s credibility which has instilled “fear” and “distrust” among the public over its COVID response.

Speaking on theJerm Warfarepodcast last week, McCullough claimed that the “underpinnings” of the medical community have been “broken,” which is causing unprecedented fear and anxiety in the world.

“I personally think that something has gone very wrong in the world. The whole medical bio-scientific underpinnings have been broken,” McCullough said. “We’re off our moorings. We’re not having evidence-based medicine. We’re not…

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Vaxxination and the core principle of conservative thought

Law of Markets

Let me turn to what is apparently the single most important issue in the world, getting everyone vaxxinated against Covid. People are reluctant/hesitant because no one knows what the long-term effect of the vaccines will be once they have been injected. Let me take you to one of the few other sites that have the same concerns: Thanks to Social Marketing, You Will Be Assimilated. There we find this:

They really, really, want us to get vaccinated. Whom do I mean when I use the word “they”?

Well, for starters, there’s the government. All Western governments, in fact, even that of Hungary. “They” also includes the major media, Big Tech, the MSM, the universities and secondary schools, and all major philanthropic organizations.

All of them are pushing relentlessly for all citizens to submit to the injection of an experimental medical treatment that uses messenger RNA, and whose long-term side…

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Gibraltar, Iceland See MASSIVE Covid Spike Despite Over 90% of Population Vaccinated


byAdan Salazar

Countries across globe see similar phenomenon where the vaccinated are being reinfected with Covid.Stats prove vaccine actually spreading disease!

Stats coming out of several countries show vaccinated people are spreading Covid-19, as evidence mounts the vaccine is actually causing viral variants and infections as experts predicted.

In Gibraltar, a peninsula in Spain, almost 99% of the population is fully vaccinated – that’s according to info provided by Google.

Despite the high vaccination rate, Covid cases appear to be on the rise, increasing by2,500 percentper day.

The data is consistent with stats seen in Israel which show thedelta variant running rampantdespite a majority of the population being fully vaccinated.

On Tuesday…

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Fraudulent PCR Tests EXPOSED! CDC Quietly Withdraws Emergency Use Authorization Due to Inability to Differentiate COVID-19 & Influenza

Nwo Report


The PCR tests were a key component to enforcing lockdowns in 2020.

Although the widely inaccurate test was never meant to diagnose disease, health bureaucrats deemed PCR tests the gold standard to detect COVID-19.

And with the cycle threshold ramped up to a value of 38-40, it was inevitable that millions of people with no symptoms would test positive.

Ridiculous testing requirements forced many healthy individuals to test weekly for the virus.

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And we quickly saw a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases that gave the health overlords the excuse to deem asymptomatic spread a threat.

Asymptomatic spread was one of the key issues cited to convince people of lockdowns to “slow the spread.”

Another peculiar thing happened with mass COVID-19 testing via PCR.

The flu appeared to vanish out of thin air.

After 18 months of economic…

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Kids faking false positives on COVID tests to skip school?

Over the past few months, many have questioned the accuracy of the COVID tests, and now kids have even found a way to take advantage of it and skip school.

Videos have surfaced on TikTok explaining how kids can get a couple of weeks off school by using a couple drops from soda and depositing it on a lateral flow test that tests for COVID antibodies.

Apparently, that little trick results in a false positive.

The article from the Western Journal goes into a lengthy explanation of the chemical reaction that causes a false positive, that I won’t bore you with, but it has resulted in at least one school in Liverpool, England issuing a warning that kids are using it to skip school.

READ: Kids Discover COVID Tests ‘Detect’ the Virus in Drops of Soda, Immediately Use Their Newfound Knowledge

But aside from the soda pop glitch, there…

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