The Neoliberal Political Economy of the Organised Crime Syndicate by Russ Winter | Winter Watch

Political polarisation. Left accuses Right of fascism. Right accuses Left of being communist. Hysterical fear and anger. Few are listening. Most are hunkered down in their respective bunkers accusing the opposition of planning Armageddon.


You are all being played for your mutual harm.

There is a reason the Left correctly perceives modern trends as fascism re-branded.

There is a reason the Right perceive modern trends as communism.

One word – Neoliberalism.

The following article clarifies the chicanery. Wherever you stand on the political spectrum it is worth a read.


Due to being a computer dummy, after several fruitless hours to find a working link, the next is the best I could do. They will take you to the sites, then typing Neoliberal Political Economy will take you to the article.




A tale of two lockdowns

All the Goss

At the end of June 2020 the city of Leicester went into lockdown. There had been, according to government, a surge in the numbers of people testing positive for COVID-19 which was above the national average. What government did not tell us was that in the preceding week seven new testing stations had been opened in Leicester, an eightfold increase. The maths is simple. The logic is basic. You increase the number of testing stations, you increase the number of results – both positive and negative. The government and media are not interested in negative results in this climate.

Discounting the fact that testing positive for COVID-19 means absolutely nothing as to whether the virus is spreading or whether it is adversely affecting those who test positive. Indeed there are so many false positives in the tests, that the inventor of what is known as the PCR test, Kary Mullis…

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UN Economist Proposes Climate Lockdowns


By Paul Homewood


The novel coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions are slowly being lifted in most areas, but already warnings of a “climate shutdown” have begun reverberating on the environmental left.

A leading U.N. economist who advises European governments last week sent up a trial balloon via an article titled “Avoiding a Climate Lockdown,” arguing that in “the near future, the world may need to resort to lockdowns again — this time to tackle a climate emergency.”

“Under a ‘climate lockdown,’ governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling,” wrote Mariana Mazzucato, a University College London economics professor who is a member of the U.N. Committee on Development Policy. “To avoid such a scenario, we must overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently.”

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How the f**k did we sleepwalk to this point?

The South Essex Heckler

These are things that are already in play or pretty close to it: COVID-19 monitoring apps, track and trace apps, ordering food from your table apps because you can’t order at the bar, the threat of having to have a COVID-19 pass on your smartphone otherwise it’s no admittance to anywhere…the list goes on and on.

You can see what’s going on can’t you? The technocratic f**kers – corporations and governments alike – in charge are making it impossible for us to have any kind of functioning life unless we own/rent a sodding smartphone. From just a few years ago of being a (possibly) nice to have luxury, they’re now a necessity if we want to just survive in this increasingly f**ked up, dystopian hellhole of a world.

We’re no Luddites but when we reach the point of having to own a piece of technology to be able to function…

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Belgian: Doctors And Health Professionals Demand A Halt To Pandemic Propaganda

The World We Live In

Belgian Medical Profession Demands a Halt to Covid Pandemic Propaganda

byPaul Craig Roberts

The open letter can be accessed here and here.

Belgia Doctors And Health Professionals Demand A Halt To Pandemic Propaganda

It has been apparent from the beginning that Covid-19 was being used for agendas unrelated to public health. Big Pharma and its associates — WHO, CDC, NIH — used social media and the presstitutes to control the explanations given to the public and to censor dissenting medical professionals.

More people died from being denied successful and completely safe treatment by hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin and from ventilators than from the virus itself. Public health and the economy were sacrificed in order to create chaos and fear that would make possible mass vaccination and billions of dollars in profit for Big Pharma.

Democrats and the presstitutes used Covid against Trump by ridiculing his recommendation of the HCQ safe and effective treatment and ridiculing his attempts to reopen…

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Liberty or slavery – the Covid options

All the Goss

When America broke free from the clutches of British imperialism and tyranny in the late 18th century it retained a tune that those of my generation will remember from our schooldays – Heart of Oak. For us in the UK this tune is brought down by ultra-patriotic lyrics like “we’ll fight and we’ll conquer again and again.” Actor, David Garrick, wrote the UK words.

While America retained the tune it ditched Garrick’s lyrics and added new, more ideological ones. The Liberty Song was published in 1768 with words by John Dickinson. The chorus goes:

In Freedom we’re born and in Freedom we’ll live.
Our purses are ready. Steady, friends, steady;
Not as slaves, but as Freemen our money we’ll give.

The chorus alone could cause a rousing debate, especially since Dickinson was a lawyer. Any such debate however would sidetrack my intent because it is a couplet from The Liberty…

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Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil – a voice crying in the wilderness

All the Goss

First of all I ask you to watch this video. During the COVID-19 epidemic cancer patients on Dr Adil’s list who were due for treatment were put on hold while most of the beds were taken over by the Infection Control Department” something he saw for the first time in his thirty years as a consultant and surgeon. Beds in his ward lay empty and only emergency life-threatening procedures went ahead. Other patients were dealt with over the telephone which he quite rightly claims is unsatisfactory.

Dr. Adil is one of the few people speaking out about what is going on in hospitals. And for telling the truth he has been suspended for twelve months and may yet be struck off.  Other doctors have spoken out but because of threats they have been forced to spread their messages under the cloak of anonymity.

Back in early April a…

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All Clear Siren or Lock Them Up Again? by Dr. Sircus


The first lockdown was a mistake, and so too will any subsequent Covid-19 lockdowns. From Dr. Sircus at

We Don’t Quarantine Treatable Diseases

COVID-19 is a treatable infectious disease. Quarantine is a restriction on the movement of people and goods, which is intended to prevent the spread of non-treatable contagious diseases, but is not necessary when there are effective treatments. We are being played, for the only thing health officials are interested in is a fast-tracked vaccine.

However, doctors around the world were up to the task during this pandemic. In four short months, they have developed numerous answers to this virus, and by extension, other viral infections. Both pharmaceutical and treatment with natural substances have been extraordinarily useful, even in the face of serious pre-conditions, yet the mainstream narrative continues to ignore these advancements.

“This is a disease that 99.9 percent of the people who are…

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COVID-19 patients who get enough vitamin D are 52% less likely to die of the infection, study finds, by Natalie Rahhal


Better late than never, but in the alternative media there have been articles about vitamin D and the coronavirus for almost six months. From

  • Boston University researchers found that COVID019 patients with ‘sufficient’ levels  of vitamin D wer about 52 percent less likely to die after hospitalization
  • Rates of severe illness were about 13 percent lower in vitamin D-sufficient patients and intubation was  46% less common  
  • Vitamin D plays a crucial role in the immune system’s ability to fight infection and keep inflammation – which kills many COVID-19 patients – in check 
  • About 42 percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient, with higher rates among elderly Americans and people of color
  • Black, Hispanic and elderly people are also among the hardest hit by coronavirus 

People who get enough vitamin D are at a 52 percent lower risk of dying of COVID-19 than people who are deficient for the…

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