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State actions on Covid19 totally contradict its lachrymose virtue signalling

I came across yet another NHS hard-sell persuasion document during the course of my travels the day before yesterday. It directed the vaccine marketeers to say to older people, “Do you realise you are three times more likely to die from Covid than the under-40’s?”

Not only is that an understatement (they are 20 times more likely to die from it) it is also very obviously alarmist. The risk context has been left out: oldies have a 6% chance of dying from Covid infection….whereas forty-somethings and below have a 0.03% chance of so doing. In short, very little and almost nothing respectively.

But of course, the Government’s policy there was plain for all to see: better to terrify the wrinklies without letting Thatcher’s children realise how miniscule the threat is to them.

Our élites tell us we are facing a…

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The World’s Richest People: Excessive Wealth Disorder Is Destroying Our Societies

Counter Information

By Rod Driver

Global Research, March 29, 2021

David Rothkopfwrote a book aboutthe world’s richest people called Superclass. In it he noted that 161 people control $23 trillion, and that the incomes of the top 25 hedge fund managers are approximately $800 million per year each.(1) Other writers discuss the richest 0.1% of the population, who have incomes of over $2million per year in the US.(2)

They have coined the term Excessive Wealth Disorder to explain that when some people are too rich, this creates big downsides for many other people, and for society in general. This post discusses some of those downsides.

This postshould ideally be read in conjunction with earlier posts that explain that excessive wealth is extracted by controlling an industry, receiving many types of unearned income (known as rent-seeking) and all manner of unethical, fraudulent or criminal activity.Excessive wealth is a symptom…

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The rape culture allegations that have rocked Britain’s schools | Daily Mail

By Rory Tingle

Some of Britain’s most prestigious public schools are among those to be hit with thousands of harrowing allegations of sexual assault and harassment that have sparked a rape culture scandal.


Primary school pupils have reported harassment on the website Everyone’s Invited where thousands of older children reported sexual assault and it now has allegations involving pupils as young as five.

New insight into panic attacks: Carbon Dioxide is the culprit | Journal of Young Investigators

Using the Panic Symptom List and electronic visual analogue scale, which use criteria established by the American Psychiatric Association, to measure anxiety levels, the researchers found that panic symptoms increased when increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide were administered. Moreover, the panic symptoms were more acute for younger participants of the study, between the ages of 18 and …

Diaper Report 3/28/21, by Eric Peters


Making people where face masks presupposes that they’re sick. From Eric Peters at

Forcing healthy people to wear a “mask” as a condition of being allowed to live was never meant to “stop the spread.” It was meant to establish the precedent – in this case, for forcing healthy people to submit to a vaccination.

To many vaccinations. And more than just that.

A writer for the Daily Beast makes the point – without putting it quite that way.

Instead, he uses the world-turned-upside-down logic of the “mask” pushers – i.e., that you must accept the vaccine as the price of being allowed to work, shop and socialize with others because you haven’t got the right to expose others to sickness.

He writes, in reverse-logic form:

Just as I may have a right not to wear a mask or get a shot, you have a right to…

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Journalists Attack the Powerless, Then Self-Victimize to Bar Criticisms of Themselves, by Glenn Greenwald


Rich and powerful journalists do all sorts of things to regular Joes and Josephines, but scream bloody murder if anyone takes perfectly legitimate shots at them. From Glenn Greenwald at

Powerful media figures now invoke sexist and racist tropes to cast themselves as so fragile and marginalized that critiques of their work constitute bullying and assault.

An unidentified man walks through the lobby of the Gannett-USA Today headquarters building August 20, 2013 on a 30-acre site in McLean, Virginia. (AFP/PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)

The daily newspaper USA Today is the second-most circulated print newspaper in the United States — more than The New York Times and more than double The Washington Post. Only The Wall Street Journal has higher circulation numbers.

On Sunday, the paper published and heavily promoted a repellent article complaining that “defendants accused in the Capitol riot Jan. 6 crowdfund their legal fees online, using popular…

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594 DEAD 404,525 Reported Injured following COVID-19 Experimental “Vaccine” Injections in the U.K.

Freedom Of Speech

The UK Government’s reporting system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency released their latest report last week, March 25, 2021.

The report covers data collected from December 9, 2020, through March 14, 2021, for the two experimental COVID vaccines currently in use in the U.K. from Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

They report a total of 594deathsand 404,525 injuries recorded following the experimental vaccines.

That is an increase of 60 deaths and 74,462 injuries recorded since last week.

For theCOVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine analysisthey report:

  • 2801 Blood disorders including1 death
  • 1361 Cardiac disorders including33deaths
  • 7 Congenital disorders
  • 986 Ear disorders
  • 17 Endocrine disorders
  • 1629 Eye disorders
  • 11,932 Gastrointestinal disorders including16 deaths
  • 32,603 General disorders including126 deaths
  • 22 Hepatic disorders
  • 614 Immune system disorders including1 death
  • 2429 Infections including43deaths
  • 587 Injuries including2 deaths
  • 1225…

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Anti-vax email ‘deluge’ hits European Parliament

Freedom Of Speech

Irish and international members of theEuropean Parliamenthave been deluged by thousands of emails organised by anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown activists in a bid to stop the introduction of vaccine certificates intended to ease the resumption of travel in theEuropean Union.

The proposed pan-EU digital certificates would show if people have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from Covid-19.

Many of the emails are copies of a template text shared online by a network of activists that casts doubt on the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines and describes the certificate as “the same as imposing travel papers on Jews by the Nazi’s”.

MEPs and their staff described the emails as highly unusual because of their volume, their focus on a procedural vote that would usually not attract much interest and their grounding in misinformation about vaccines and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is extremely unusual to have 2-3,000…

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