From Moon of Alabama at At the start of the recent war in Ukraine ‘western’ media changed their mind about Ukrainian Nazi groups. What they had condemned over years in their headlines and pieces was first whitewashed and, when was not enough, simply  240 more words

The Nazis have been rehabilitated by the Leftist mainstream media supporting Ukraine — Waikanae Watch

GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)


From the week:

U.S. Mining: Being driven offshore by government policies (Article)

U.S. Congress: The pending threat called the “Restrict Act” (Report)

More U.S. Congress: Will they reform the often unjust civil forfeiture laws? (Article)

San Francisco: More big businesses depart downtown (Report) (More)

Central banks ballooning pursuit of gold continues (Article)

Somalia: U.S. Increases military presence, provides airstrikes (Report)

U.S. Inflation: has turned minting coins into a money losing operation (Article)

California: Provides a typical dictator’s snitch on your neighbor “hate crime” hotline (Report)

U.S. Censorship: New federal office to prosecute purveyors of disinformation (Report)

More U.S. Censorship: Purging unwanted truth from published scientific papers (Article)

U.S. Energy: Wind and solar projects meeting rising opposition (Article)

Pakistan: Deposed Prime Minister’s arrest stirs huge anti-military protests (Report) (More)

U.S. Education: Schools adopting shorter days and weeks as achievement levels drop (Article)

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Four reasons why Chicago should dump its sanctuary status – Wirepoints


Chicago is a monument to inept and corrupt governance. The last thing it needs to do is welcome new people who will put further demands on faltering city services. From Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner at

Many Chicagoans are outraged that city and state officials are prioritizing a growing number of illegal immigrants over residents and their communities.

Not only do these Chicagoans feel their safety is being compromised, they see attention and services being directed to non-citizens – “exactly the kind of services South Side residents say they have begged for and been denied.” City and state officials will spend over $1.1 billion for Medicaid benefits and at least another $280 million on shelter and housing for illegals.

Struggling Chicagoans are right to protest the city’s “sanctuary” designation. Chicago is already failing dramatically to take care of its own citizens.

Nearly one in every five Chicago…

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World War II certainly didn’t get rid of the Nazis, in Germany or anywhere else. From the editors of Strategic Culture at Nazi Germany’s defeat in 1945 has proven to be only a pause in a longer historical struggle against fascism. We are seeing that struggle playing out in Ukraine, and with Washington’s madcap […]

Nazi Germany’s Defeat… But a Pause for Fascism as NATO’s Proxy War in Ukraine Demonstrates, by Strategic Culture — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

World On Cusp Of Woke Totalitarianism As Governments Act To End Freedom Of Speech — CLOUDHEDGES

by Zero Hedge Media blackout as politicians in EU, US, UK, Brazil, Ireland, Canada, and Australia seek to jail citizens for wrongthink under the cover of a Big Lie about “hate speech”… The Twitter Files gave us a window into how government agencies, civil society, and tech companies work together to censor social media users. […]

World On Cusp Of Woke Totalitarianism As Governments Act To End Freedom Of Speech — CLOUDHEDGES