Should the Government compensate the vaccine injured and families of the deceased? — Declaration Of Opinion

Originally posted on Holding The Line: By Rusere Shoniwa You can find more of Rusere’s work at No. To qualify – not the Government. But obviously someone should. In this piece I’ll set out why the Government should not be the party to pay compensation; why the Government won’t, in any case, at least not…

Should the Government compensate the vaccine injured and families of the deceased? — Declaration Of Opinion

The elitist ideology of Woke treats everyone as serfs

Your status is assigned by Woke values by the elite on an arbitrary and unfixed basis. (Beware this – it constantly changes so you can never win by learning the game).

You are expected to wear your pronouns and out your sexual identity and preference. Defined primarily by sexual function as a prelude to sexual exploitation?

In the process the assumed right to privacy, the right to define your own boundaries and safety from arbitrary intrusion from others is stripped away.

The message appears to be if you are not elite, you are a body for sexual use.

They have made this your most important social label.

This isn’t a rational process. It’s a con trick to gain control.

Play their game and you can only lose.

We should treat these tactics with the contempt they deserve.

A Sordid Tale of British Psychological Operations

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Directed by Michael Oswald (2021)

Film Review

This documentary explores the interesting career of Colin Wallace, a Northern Irelander who worked in psychological operations for British intelligence for ten years. He was fired for blowing the whistle on MI5 involvement in a pedophile ring targeting boys in the Kincora Boys Home in Belfast. Shortly after his dismissal, the police, in collaboration with British intelligence, framed him on a manslaughter charge. Sentence to ten years in 1981, he served six prior to his release in 1981.

The film explains the nature of Wallace’s work for the Information Research Department (a British military intelligence department running psychological operations between 1948-77). His job included fabricating negative propaganda about the IRA and Northern Ireland Catholics to disseminate to the British and foreign press, writing fake readers’ letters and provoking conflict between IRA and Catholic leaders with disinformation. Examples…

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WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Vaccines — The Most Revolutionary Act

By Toby Rogers, Ph.D. The “Future Framework” is coming from the World Health Organization, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the biggest voluntary contributor to the WHO, so Gates is likely directing the play.  Editor’s note: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tomorrow, June 28, will vote on the “Future Framework,” a […]

WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Vaccines — The Most Revolutionary Act

It’s never about what they say it is

The greatest obstacle to the world elite agendas is the existence in the West of relatively wealthy and free middle and working class.

But to wage frontal war on these potentially strong groups would cause huge push back.

So they attack indirectly.

White privilege. Most free, financially viable Westerners are white.

This empowers every non-white with a grudge, and undermines white communities from within.

It’s not about skin colour. It is about destroying the only obstacles to world elitists with a feudal mind-set, who want what they have in 3rd world countries. Unaccountable aristocrats owning all the wealth and impoverished, subjugated serfs.