Follow the Data, They Said and Then Hid It

The Most Revolutionary Act

The First FDA-Approved Ebola Vaccine: Another Animal ...Jeffrey A. Tucker

Brownstone Institute

Never before has the public had access to so much data on a virus and its effects. For two years, data festooned the daily papers. Dozens of websites assembled it. We were all invited to follow the data, follow the science, and observe as scientists became our new overlords, instructing us how to feel, think, and behave in order to “flatten the curve,” “drive down cases,” “preserve capacity,” “stay safe,” and otherwise deploy all the powers of human will to respond to and manipulate disease outcomes.

We could watch it all in real time. How beautiful were the waves, the curves, the bar charts, the sheer power of the technology. We can look at all the variations and the trajectories, assemble them by country, click here and click there to compare, see new cases, total cases, unvaccinated and vaccinations, infections and hospitalizations, deaths in total…

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)


From the week:

Australia: Canberra police using microwave radiation weapons against freedom truckers? (Report)

World Finance: A brief outline history of how it’s all coming down (Article)

The U.S. military: Office politics undermine Pentagon spies (Report)

The Pandemic: U.S. national emergency status extended (Report)

More pandemic: Vaccination risks may exceed COVID risk for several ages (Article)

Still more pandemic: Why is the U.S. government (CDC) withholding vaccination data? (Report)

Canada: Preacher jailed for supporting trucker protest of COVID mandates (Report)

More Canada: Moving to make emergency asset freeze powers permanent (Report)

Chicago: 6 time felon charged for dumping heroin inventory from high police official’s car (Report)

U.S. Jails: More states imprisoning men with women upon request (Report)

U.S. Education: Premier medical schools adopting mandatory anti-white race training (Report)

U.S. Travel: Republican states joining Democrats setting up internal passports (Report)(

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The Naked Face of New Normal Fascism — Consent Factory, Inc.

I told you this part wasn’t going to be pretty. The collapse of fascist ideological movements and fanatical death cults never is. The New Normal is proving to be no exception. After three weeks of non-violent civil disobedience outside the Canadian parliament in Ottawa by truckers and other Canadian citizens struggling to uphold their right […]

The Naked Face of New Normal Fascism — Consent Factory, Inc.

Covid Liars Exit Stage Left — War Liars Enter Stage Right — MCViewPoint

Now the war worshippers are back. It doesn’t matter how many failed wars and invasions they have under their belts. It doesn’t matter that they’ve financially bankrupted our nation by foolishly trying to police the world. They’re back, and they’re ready to do more damage to our freedom. That’s exactly what will happen if (and […]

Covid Liars Exit Stage Left — War Liars Enter Stage Right — MCViewPoint