Softly, softly catchee monkey

Dreams and Tears

The Controller’s eyes lingered on the slim file on his desk. “The Next Stage”

Then he wandered over to the window to survey the city stretched out before him.

Now we have everything. He thought. Everything.

It was a small step from everyone carrying a smart phone to accepting a chip, relaying their ID and position 24/7.

The next stage was to criminalise computer access for everyone but the elite. Smart phones, household computers of every type were now redundant and illegal except those which were compulsory and feeding back data.

Control by the usual methods of lures, treats, promises, bribes, threats and finally coercion. Most of the population had walked into the trap willingly.

The resistors had no way to access food and water and no-one dare help them unless they wished to share their fate.

The long game. The long game, the Controller thought. People have childishly short…

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