Owning Fear and Fact Checks


In the days when pharmacovigilance was not labelled “anti-vax”, fifteen injuries associated with a vaccination saw the relevant vaccine withdrawn from market. This is a single example of many through the history of vaccinations. Public health governed pharmaceutical products. That practice has since been inverted.

Laura Dodsworth authored Sunday Times bestseller The State of Fear: how the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic.

She spoke on talkRADIO yesterday about the Nudge Unit, a taxpayer-funded team of behavioural scientists who are now a limited company, whose role is to ensure public compliance with “tricky public policies”. The UK government’s “Net Zero” plan, another World Economic Forum gift to society likely to have Lysenko-level outcomes, will involve meat taxes, the introduction of plant based foods in schools, prisons, government buildings and hospitals, and taxes on frequent flying. The Nudge Unit’s role is working out ways to ensure compliance with…

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