Insane Videos Show Australian Cops Battering Grocery Shoppers, Protesters Fighting Back, Chanting “FREEDOM”

Nwo Report

Melbourne has been locked down for 245 days, the longest stretch in the world

Source:Steve Watson

Footage out of Melbourne Australia this past weekend shows a squad of riot police harassing and beating grocery shoppers attempting to buy food and coffee before returning home, while a second video captured angry protesters fighting back, chasing the police away and loudly chanting “FREEDOM”.

The insane video resembles something out of a dystopian nightmare movie.

Watch (WARNING, Strong language throughout):

The city is STILL under lockdown after 245 days, making it the longest lockdown anywhere in the world, andvaccine mandates have been announcedfor all state workers.

Protesters took to the streets and police struggled to contain all of them.

Workers in the state of Victoria, including retail workers, personal trainers, MPs, journalists, faith leaders, judges, police, lawyers, cleaners, farmers, spa workers, actors and professional sports people have been…

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