Problems with WordPress/Ipad

I will be blogging less frequently due to problems with above. Over the last few months the functions that I can no longer access on WordPress on my Ipad, in order of disappearance are; WordPress Search; Reader; Tags/Categories; New Post; Editor; and Like and Re-blog buttons on various WordPress sites, mainly American but also a few Canadian and South African.

I am writing this on a library computer where all the above functions are still working.

I intentionally bought a first generation Ipad, which does not take upgrades nor downloads and have kept anonymous in order to avoid the plethora of problems I previously experienced with an Ipad contract.

All very mysterious and inexplicable.

4 Replies to “Problems with WordPress/Ipad”

  1. Hi,
    try this first.

    Don’t know about Ipad but my guess is that the problem has to do with your browser. Either the settings of your browser cause the problem.(a) or wordpress has changed some HTML/JavaScript that works only in newer versions of your browser (b).
    Case (a) If you can reset your browser to default settings (after backup of bookmarks an all other important stuff) then that’s what I would try first.
    If that doesn’t help then it’s case (b) and you need to update your browser to a newer version.
    These are my GUESSES. May work or not.

  2. Blimey – was that English? I re-set to factory settings. Made no difference. I will give what you suggested a try though, I have plenty of time.

    1. Artaxes – lots of helpful material at that link – thank you. An upgrade on WordPress affecting Safari looks most likely. (Another function has disappeared. I first typed this in the box under the article then found the Reply button had vanished). ? Still looking – probably find the solution by accident, the usual way.

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