GLOBAL CONTROL: time for the deaf & blind to stop being dumb

The Slog

Lies, damned lies, third-hand sources and estimates. When it comes to vaccine safety, fiscal ruination and individual freedom from State domination, limp obfuscation must be interrogated.

A regular haunt of mine these days is Johndaysblog, appearing regularly from Austin Texas. John and I share membership of an Athenian knitting circle that is never less than lively, and Mr Day himself can always be relied upon to give a sound analysis of what primary sources and senses tell him – rather than the fairy-space-cadet version beloved of the Leftliberal Establishment.

His account via nakedcapitalism of the CDC/FDA attitude to anti-C19 vaccine death reporting hit me right between the eyes because it represented confirmation of US feedback I’ve been getting – partly through prompting, partly by unsolicited emails – about the health bureaucracy’s attitude to “reporting” deadly vaccine reactions there. Their general behaviour could be summed up as “Fingers in ears…

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