You cannot trust the media on any political story

Law of Markets

I was going to leave this alone for a while but waking to The Oz and its front page banner story – Paul Kelly was never fit to be a journalist – has reminded me where so many of our problems lie. Let me therefore remind you that this was not the Storming of the Bastille, but a protest that ended up inside the Capitol. Stealing an election can get a lot of people hot under the collar. So let’s see if we can find a little balance. Start here.

Democrats And Media Want Us To Forget They Encouraged Rioting For Months. We Shouldn’t..

It is being demanded that we view yesterday’s events in DC as if they occurred without precedent, in a vacuum, nothing of relevance preceding them. Right-wing Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, vandalized, fought with police, wreaked havoc, and there was no catalyst for any…

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