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      1. I actually did the other day somewhere else. You’re right it is an excellent video, really sheds light on all the nonsense!

      2. Glad you saw it – don’t say where I don’t want it taken down again. It was on the Rome site for several days before I noticed it and re-blogged, then it came down shortly after.

  1. It seems this interview has been censored. There was nothing illegal nor offensive in the content, her arguments were reasoned. The interview was about 50 minutes and quite detailed so from memory I can only suggest the gist.

    She suggests that those behind the globalist agenda have been the instigators of major events in the last year. Response to the Covid “pandemic”. BLM riots. Major, blatant electoral fraud in USA. She argues that these events make sense if we think about where they are leading, the changes in process, and what the intended destination probably is.

    I don’t understand the financial aspects but it seems she was saying the American dollar, which is essential to the support of all currencies has had it. The major intended change in process is to get rid of hard currencies to replace them with digital. This would be convenient for the ruling elite who would not only have total surveillance over every money transaction but could control everyone’s spending – what people would be allowed to spend their digital money on. We have had a foretaste of this with “inessential” businesses being forced to close. And the elite would also have the power to make your money disappear if they didn’t like your behaviour/attitude. This would be a powerful tool to bring about social compliance. How the Chinese Social Credit System works.

    She pointed out the the BLM riots burnt out many small businesses owned by black and Latins. Again she was quite technical – but she drew a clear connection between the destruction of these properties and the major banks profiting. She suggested this was not about politics (social injustice) but a front for acquiring real estate.

    Regarding the election she suggested the timing of the emergence of the Covid-19 looks politically convenient from the globalist perspective of being opposed to an anti-globalist, maverick, populist leader. Trump’s political record was incredibly successful up to when Covid started.

    And of course getting rid of Trump was behind the electoral fraud, which the MSM ridiculously attempted to deny and ignore. The political motives here being democracy and those who support democracy are the biggest obstacles to the globalist agenda.

    Lockdowns have been used to destroy small and medium businesses who were self-sufficient, independent, and provided an alternative to the mega companies who without the competition can have monopolistic control. This will mean people will have no choice but to work for them under any conditions they offer. Another bonus for total social control. And the large corporations have been hugely enriched over the past year.

    She also pointed out that advances in robotics will make large sections of the population redundant. Which led on to some points about vaccinations and the drive towards trans humanism. The globalists objectives appear to be to get rid of redundant population, get rid of democracy, install digital currency which they can control, bring about total surveillance employing technology installed into our bodies to enable all of us to be permanently tracked.

    She suggests that what this is all for is to bring about a major cultural shift from freedom and autonomy for democratic citizens, to world wide slave status for everyone outside the ruling elite. Mere labour assets to be exploited as they deem best for their own interests.

    If I have misrepresented her arguments I apologise in advance. But you can see nothing in her interview is novel. All of these arguments have been made by others and are in the public domain. Her exceptional contribution was with her professional expertise in making her case, and joining the dots.

    I am sorry I was not able to bring her interview to you. It was definitely worth watching and re-watching. If you get the opportunity to watch it elsewhere take it. It won’t waste your time.

  2. Oh, and she made the point that we still have a window of opportunity to push back. American citizens are armed. She says the next move will be to try to disarm them. (Which doesn’t necessarily imply violence – my interpretation) just disarmed citizens are a walkover. Armed citizens have the means of resistance. Which is a deterrent and limit to people trying it on.

  3. The following was published 6th January 2021 on the Solari website…..
    Catherine’s Planet Lockdown interview had reached 2.7MM views on the Truth Matters channel when it was taken down by Youtube over the last 24 hours. There were approximately 12,000 comments and 68,000 likes and 1,700 dislikes.

    According to the film maker James Henry, “here is the key line from the Youtube email telling me it was censored:”

    “YouTube doesn’t allow content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local health authorities’ or World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on social distancing and self isolation that may lead people to act against that guidance. Learn more here.”

    To our knowledge Catherine did not discuss or refer to the World Health Organization or its guidance on social distancing and self isolation.

    The interview remains up on the Planet Lockdown channel here:


    1. Thank you for that interesting information. I see what you mean – I don’t recall her making any comment about social distancing – just made the point that lockdown was destroying small businesses, which is factual. Thanks for the link.

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