Politics is seeping into our daily life and ruining everything | Reason

Whatever you do don’t think for yourself.  Let your tribe do your thinking for you. That way the overlords know where everyone is, can pitch them against each other and pick off independents. 


Politics Is Seeping Into Our Daily Life and Ruining Everything

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The Neoliberal Political Economy of the Organised Crime Syndicate by Russ Winter | Winter Watch

Political polarisation. Left accuses Right of fascism. Right accuses Left of being communist. Hysterical fear and anger. Few are listening. Most are hunkered down in their respective bunkers accusing the opposition of planning Armageddon.


You are all being played for your mutual harm.

There is a reason the Left correctly perceives modern trends as fascism re-branded.

There is a reason the Right perceive modern trends as communism.

One word – Neoliberalism.

The following article clarifies the chicanery. Wherever you stand on the political spectrum it is worth a read.


Due to being a computer dummy, after several fruitless hours to find a working link, the next is the best I could do. They will take you to the sites, then typing Neoliberal Political Economy will take you to the article.