Welcome to the Madhouse | The Z Blog

Published in 2014 illustrating one issue of many – even more relevant today.



In a madhouse society, the rulers are perpetually at war with the ruled. That’s where we are today. Elected officials furiously work to discredit the offices they hold in the eyes of the people. The keepers of the law undermine the people’s faith in the law. The law abiding today are criminals tomorrow. There are no fixed points and there are no rules.


“First they came for” – 21st century version

The Road to Global Feudalism

First they came for the working class,

And the middle class didn’t care because they weren’t working class.

Then they came for the middle class,

And the working class didn’t care because they weren’t middle class.

Then they came for the women and the men didn’t care because they were not women.

Then they came for the whites and non-whites didn’t care because they were not white.

When all that was left were non-whites, no working class, no middle class, the  aristocrats now holding all the wealth and laughing their sides off at the endless supply of useful idiots surveyed the economically and socially dis-empowered non-whites.

Now we are in charge, what are you going to do about it?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha, giggle”.



Cultural Imperialism: Linguistic Perversion and Obfuscation of Empire Building | Global Research

Old world national imperialism – bad.

New world global imperialism – good.

Where have I heard that before?


By Prof. James Petras

In the contemporary world, western imperialist propagandists, particularly journalists and editors of the mass media, have resorted to perverting everyday concepts and the language of politics. The use and abuse of the language of politics has served to blame victims and to justify imperial aggressors.