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Happy Covid Christmas Everyone!

Looking forward to Christmas? Who isn’t. It has been a terrible year. Everyone has their horror story of their business going bankrupt, being thrown on the dole, not able to pay their rent, granny imprisoned in solitary in her care home, or just being locked up for months with the kids and no-one able to escape outside. Phew! But it will soon be over now and we have Christmas to look forward to. And to make sure we don’t miss any fun the government has a special Christmas treat.

To help us take our voluntary Covid vaccine, vaccination centres will be open on Christmas Day so you can spend Christmas standing in a queue for a vaccine which might give you severe flu symptoms to see you over the Christmas season.

How thoughtful. Just what we needed.  Don’t you just love them? On your knees and give thanks.

Those vaccination centres are just going to be bowled over in the stampede to get the Covid experience on Christmas Day.

Remember, the Covid vaccine isn’t just for Christmas – it’s for life.


But  American citizens should know: The side effects from the coming COVID-19 vaccines are proving pretty freaking substantial.


Ivor Cummins (@FatEmperor)

Wow. Even I’m Blown Away by This One – and that don’t Happen Often! youtube.co

Endure the  teacher’s (incomprehensible) ramble  and wait for the main feature – the Bad Santa clip. Our government’s Christmas gift to everybody!