Media lies | End Lockdowns


The boldness with which the media lies about the source of social problems caused by the government is truly shocking. The countless social ills that have arisen from public policies that are allegedly aimed at controlling coronavirus have been brazenly attributed to a virus by the media. Every single problem that lockdowns have created — widespread unemployment, mental health crises, crushing social isolation — there are too many to mention, has been dishonestly reported by the media as emanating from the Wuhan virus itself.

News articles state that these problems are from “coronavirus,” “COVID-19,” or the “pandemic” in an effort to hide the fact that they are a result of government policy. …

Government policies which prevent people from living and working normally have put people out of work. Children are not out of school because they are sick at home with COVID. They are out of school because the government has closed all the schools. Domestic abuse and relationship problems have not skyrocketed because family members are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms….


Deception of the Media