Cult Programming in Seattle—Coming To A City near You??


From the City Journal

.Cult Programming in Seattle

The city is training white municipal employees to overcome their “internalized racial superiority.”

Christopher F. Rufo
July 8, 2020

Last month, the City of Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights sent an email inviting “white City employees” to attend a training session on “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” a program designed to help white workers examine their “complicity in the system of white supremacy” and “interrupt racism in ways that are accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color.”

Hoping to learn more, I submitted a public records request for all documentation related to the training. The results are disturbing.

At the beginning of the session, the trainers explain that white people have internalized a sense of racial superiority, which has made them unable to access their “humanity” and caused “harm and violence” to people of color. The trainers claim that “individualism,”…

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Fascism, newnormalism and the left

winter oak

by Paul Cudenec

italian futurism

Sometimes secondhand books can come into our possession in ways that make it quite clear they need us to read them.

Such was the case with Le fascisme italien by Pierre Milza and Serge Berstein, (1) which reached me by means of a random sequence of events including a friend moving flat, an unexpected traffic jam and a small public park on the outskirts of Paris.

It did not disappoint and, as I am about to explain in more detail, helped me to see a number of crucial issues more clearly.

Firstly, it confirmed that, despite constant claims to the contrary, fascism was not at all anti-capitalist, but extremely pro-capitalist.

Secondly, it presented interesting parallels with the Coronavirus-linked totalitarian mindset so dominant in 2020, which I am calling ‘newnormalism’.

Thirdly, it sparked some wider reflection on my part about the participation of most of the left in…

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Are we sleepwalking towards a 21st century form of totalitarianism?

The South Essex Heckler - Archive

As lockdown gets eased off, from every angle we’re getting told we’re entering a ‘new normal’ and that we’ll have to accept and get used to it. We really don’t know why the powers that be use the term ‘new normal’ as given the profound changes that will be wreaked upon our lives, there’s nothing ‘normal’ about it. A future where you have to surrender personal data and accept what until recently would have been regarded as an unprecedented level of tracking and surveillance can only be described as an abnormal dystopia. This is why we use the term ‘new (ab)normal’ as it’s a considerably more accurate description of the kind of future we face if people don’t start to stand up and resist.

A new (ab)normal that feels like there’s no way of escaping from. From messaging on the radio, TV and online, to warning signage all over the…

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Domestic Violence More Than Doubled Under Lockdowns, New Study Finds, by John Miltimore


Lock people up and some of them are going to behave like caged animals. From John Miltimore at

New research shows that domestic violence surged during quarantine.

The unintended consequences of the COVID-19 lockdowns have been severe: mass unemployment, increased drug overdoses and suicides, and widespread social unrest are but a few of them.

On Monday, the National Bureau of Economic Research released a paper detailing another: increased domestic violence.

Analyzing government-mandated lockdowns in India, researchers Saravana Ravindran and Manisha Shah found evidence of a 131 percent increase in complaints of domestic violence in May 2020 in “red zone districts,” or districts that experienced the strictest lockdown measures, relative to districts that had less strict measures (“green zones”).

The researchers, who used a difference-in-differences empirical strategy, found the increase in domestic violence complaints was consistent with a surge in Google search activity for terms related to domestic violence…

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Martial Law, Are We There Yet?

Common Sense and Ramblings In America

Martial law in the United Statesrefers to times inUnited States historyin which in a region, state, city, or the wholeUnited Stateswas placed under the control of a military body. On a national level, both theUS Presidentand theUS Congresshave the power to imposemartial lawsince both can be in charge of the militia.In each state, the governor has the right to impose martial law within the borders of the state.In the United States, martial law has been used in a limited number of circumstances, such as New Orleans during theBattle of New Orleans; after major disasters, such as theGreat Chicago Fireof 1871, the1906 San Francisco earthquake, or during riots, such as theOmaha race riot of 1919or the1920 Lexington riots; local leaders declared martial law to protect themselves from mob violence, such…

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Over 160 World Leaders, Politicians & Diplomats Demand The Release Of Julian Assange

Nwo Report

Tens of thousands to lose jobs without airline stimulus ...

Source:Niamh Harris

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be released from a UK prison and not be extradited to the US, according to more than 160 world leaders, politicians and diplomats.

Current and former world leaders, including Argentinian President Alberto Fernández and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro have added their names to an ever-growing list of politicians who are calling for an end to the political and legal persecution of the journalist and Wikileaks founder.

The high-powered group gave their support to Assange in an open letter addressed to prime minister Boris Johnson and other government ministers.

RT reports: The message has now been signed by 167 ministers, former heads of state and members of parliament. It is addressed to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and warns Britain against violating domestic, international and human rights law by extraditing the WikiLeaks founder to the United States.

Other notable names on the list…

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Noam Chomsky Explains How Immoral & Unethical Extraditing Julian Assange Would Be

Nwo Report

Source:  Arjun Walia


  • The Facts:Noam Chomsky explains that Julian Assange is locked up for spreading truth, and exposing information that the general public has the right to know.
  • Reflect On:Why do people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden face such a harsh backlash from Governments? If governments and elite corporations aren’t doing anything wrong, what do they have to hide? Why are the censoring so much information?

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Top UK scientists urge govt to protect most vulnerable from Covid-19 instead of carpet-bombing virus

The Most Revolutionary Act

RT UK Scientists Open Letter

The UK should focus on helping the most vulnerable – including residents in care homes worst affected by Covid-19 – instead of pursuing an “unfeasible” goal of suppressing the virus until a vaccine arrives, top scientists urged.

British scholars penned an open letter to PM Boris Johnson, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, as well as health chiefs in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, asking them to urgently reconsider the current epidemic strategy.

Authored by Oxford professors Sunetra Gupta and Carl Heneghan, as well as Karol Sikora of the University of Buckingham and Sam Williams of the Economic Insight consultancy, the letter says the “existing policy path is inconsistent with the known risk-profile of Covid-19.” The appeal has been signed by dozens of academics from the UK’s leading educational institutions.

“The unstated objective currently appears to be one of suppression of the virus, until…

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Some forgotten history of Midwest radicalism

Phil Ebersole's Blog

A review of The People, No! by Jonathan Larson on the Real Economics blog adds historical background to Thomas Frank’s book.

His focus is on Minnesota rather than Kansas, and he provides a lot of interesting information about Scandinavian-American cooperatives, Lutheranism, the thought of Thorstein Veblen and the rise and fall of the Farmer-Labor Party.

This history should not be forgotten.  Click on this to read the review.

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Before They Assassinated Him, This Black Panther United All Races Against the ‘Elite’

Underground Newswire

Gavin Nascimento
September 21, 2020

At the young age of just 21 years old, this Black Panther leader managed to pull off what many at the time considered to be impossible — uniting different races and seemingly opposed political groups in common cause against the ruling class.

Some say this is the true reason why he was assassinated.

Sadly, very few people today know who Fred Hampton really was, what he truly stood for, and how he was brutally assassinated. In this blog I will not be exploring the complexity and exceptional integrity of this man’s character in detail, since I believe he is deserving of a much more meticulous write up than I can offer at this time. Nonetheless, I would like to share his transcendent message of unity and solidarity to help remind everyone who the real enemy is. Please feel free to take and share any of…

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