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Dan Wootton : Let’s all raise a glass to Rod | Daily Mail

DAN WOOTTON: Let’s all raise a glass to Rod, the landlord who spoke for millions when he stood up to the politicians who have destroyed an industry and turned our country into a fun-free zone

NHS: ‘Centralised and secretive’ medical industrial complex being constructed

The New Dark Age

19 April 2021 — True Publica

NHS: 'Centralised and secretive' medical industrial complex being constructed

By TruePublica Editor: The mainstream media has remained silent with perhaps only The Guardian scratching the surface of what the government has planned for the NHS – by reporting that – “a new organisation is being set up with the aim of halting future pandemics.” It’s not as it seems though.

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After Vaccination: Number of Deaths in Nursing Homes Explodes

The Most Revolutionary Act

And again a “conspiracy theory” of “Corona deniers” is confirmed: The vaccinations against the virus are dangerous. This is not claimed by any “covidiots” but is proven by statistical data. In old people’s homes the death rate has dramatically multiplied in the weeks after the start of vaccination as the statistics below show.

This reports the magazine “Our Central Europe” with reference to figures of the Robert Koch Institute*. Further the magazine reports: “That seems to impress however the politicians and “experts” responsible for it little. These people claim that this has nothing to do with vaccinations – it’s all just coincidence. It is quite possible that soon it will be claimed that they all died of Corona because there was too little vaccination. The proverb “He who believes will be blessed” finds its practical confirmation here. Not always, but more and more often.

Comparison of…

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Cry Freedom!

All the Goss

I have decided to stand in the Birmingham City Council elections for Billesley Ward, 6 May 2021.

The party for which I am standing is Freedom Alliance. It has only very recently been formed to challenge the totalitarian lockdown of society, without parliamentary debate, on the basis of an Act rushed through parliament in a couple of weeks which spanned the parliamentary recess.

If there is anyone in Birmingham who would care to help with my campaign please get in touch. You can do so via the contact page on this blog. Please head your message: Election.

Here are two Modigliani-style pages from my promotional leaflet which outline some of my aims.

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Thirdworldization: The Slow Burning SHTF of America, by Fabian Ommar


It’s a good bet that this thirdworldization is going to accelerate soon. From Fabian Ommar at

The developed world, accustomed to safety, convenience, and comfort, is facing a slow-burning SHTF called Thirdworldization by some. Each time humankind faces some tribulation like the one we’re currently going through, it feels like the world is coming to an end. In many senses, the threat is present: a pandemic is a serious SHTF. It IS the end for many. 

But the real SHTF isn’t just the pandemic – it’s the effects on the system that Selco warned us about from the very beginning.

The ramifications of such events as Covid-19 and government responses are real and long-lasting. Despite theories surrounding COVID-19 (conspiratorial or not), the fact is real damage has happened to the economy and our lifestyle. To those who say we’ve been through a lot since March 2020…

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Barratry and Personage : How the BAR Associations and Professional Predatory Guardians Traffic the Elderly and Disabled.

The PPJ Gazette

Marti Oakley

Originally published in 2018.  Republished per requests.

©copyright 7-01-18


“It would seem to me that if you are intent on depriving a targeted victim of their identity, this should be done in a civil court, where evidence would have to be provided under oath attesting to the charges being levied. Let a jury decide if your personal identity should be taken from you and gifted to a professional predator that most likely has a long and sordid history of preying on those they perceive to be vulnerable.”


Declaring the living individual dead to enable the theft of the estate.

Barratry, a term that is now referred to as archaic, rarely, if ever, appears in the legal lexicon. It is the act of knowingly bringing false claims and charges against a targeted individual by members of the BAR Associations. And, it is the result of “the…

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BIG ESSAY # 67—Whither Humour ? The War Against The HUMAN SPIRIT !


No Laughing Matter: The March of Killjoy Culture


April 1, 2021

When the New York Times admonishes the unmistakeably satirical Babylon Bee for spreading “misinformation”, it’s likely a sign that humour is dying – or being killed off. Similarly when the formerly-fearless Bill Maher laments how it’s no longer safe to tell a joke at a party lest one be overheard by a Woke listener and ruined. And even more so when politicians threaten to ban internet memes that lampoon the elites. The eminently serious David Solway reminds us of the essential contribution of humour and laughter to the well-balanced and healthy life – of individual and culture – and points to the civilizational wreckage were levity stamped out. And before it’s too late, suggests we all head out for some subversive “gynecandrical” dancing.

And when I’m introduced to one
I wish I thought What…

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The Spook to Bellingcat Pipeline: How Bellingcat Launders National Security State Talking Points into the Press

AGR Daily News

Government and intelligence officials are the opposite of journalists. The former exist to promote the interests of power (often against those of the public) while the latter are supposed to hold the powerful to account on behalf of the people. That is why it is so inappropriate that Bellingcat has had so many former spooks on their books. It could be said that ex-officials who have renounced their past or blown the whistle, such as Daniel Ellsberg or John Kiriakou, have utility as journalists. But those who have simply made the transition into media without any change in positions usually serve only the powerful.

Just as startling as its spooky staff is Bellingcat’s source of funding. In 2016 its founder, Eliot Higgins, dismissed the idea that his organization got money from the U.S. government’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as a ludicrous conspiracy theory. Yet, by the next year, he…

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All States Can Now Take Action to Prohibit the Use of Vaccine Passports

The PPJ Gazette

Urge Your Legislators
to Ban Vaccine Passports
in Your State!

Note: This eblast is being resent with an updated link to allow citizens in every state to write to their personal legislators and Governor. States are going forward to prohibit vaccine and immunity passports. Take Action to support legislation that protects the fundamental right of privacy and prohibits government and businesses from issuing or using vaccine passports. The idea of vaccine or immunity passport has hit a deep nerve among Americans. The concept of such a passport solicits massive push back because of its opportunistic infringement on fundamental rights of privacy and the right of all people to make their own health and medical decisions, including the right to accept or decline a vaccine. The concept of vaccine passports endorses outright coercion. It blatantly promotes discrimination and segregation. It encourages businesses and individuals to become arms of the police power…

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