One Reply to “Devout born-again Christian mother sues her four-year-old son’s school in first case of its kind in UK for ‘making him take part in LGBT parade | Daily Mail”

  1. Leaving religion aside it seems schools are being used to indoctrinate children using the methods of cults.
    At primary in the early years children should be learning the basics and socialising through play.
    Politics, social issues, sex are for a much older age group who have had time to mature and gain some perspective on wider society. But even then not main school subjects, until university level.
    When I was at grammar virtually no kids had any interest in political or social issues. I noticed because I did. At university it was a small minority with such interests (who tended to be liberal anarchists rather than communists).
    Are these natural interests for children and young people or are they being imposed? And why only one viewpoint. Political and social issues cover a wide field – it seems only a very narrow spectrum is being promoted.

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