The seeming irrational methods of ruling elites makes perfect sense if viewed as a eugenics programme for producing docile slaves

Characteristics in the population the governing class are anti and systematically attack:


Independence, practical and intellectual

Pro-social values, such as protecting women and children, and the vulnerable in the community = male values

Replacing effective male values with passive, compliant female ones (men should be more like women)

Moral responsibility








Any virtue that gets between the exploiter and their victim


Values the ruling elites support and promote


Conformity and fear of being different or thinking for oneself

Deriding values of justice and fairness

Helplessness – denying people the right and means to protect themselves and others

Exploitation promoted as being clever, and contempt for the exploited

Destruction of social solidarity and human support networks – the family, sexual relations, community loyalty, national identity

Hi-jacking charities from their charitable purpose to promote elite interests

Denial of education replaced by social programming

Degradation of positive aspects of culture, replaced, literally, with trash.

Contempt and disregard for merit of any kind, including moral, and achievement

Infantilising the populace (as in slavery. Men are called boys. Women are called girls. The message being you are all childish so you need to be ruled by your betters).

Wholesale degradation of every moral and pro-social value.

Destroying conscience. (Officials watch a child drown because they are forbidden by the rules to help).

Promoting blind obedience.


Have I covered everything? Not by a long shot.

Think for yourself.

Know your enemy.

2 Replies to “The seeming irrational methods of ruling elites makes perfect sense if viewed as a eugenics programme for producing docile slaves”

  1. Excellent list! Of all the damaging social engineering you mention there, this one strikes me as the most embedded and dangerous in global culture: “Exploitation promoted as being clever, and contempt for the exploited.”

    And yet, I think there was a time in the not-so-distant past where the social conditioning aspect of television might have been trying to turn this around? I’m thinking of Bugs Bunny cartoons! Wasn’t Bugs always turning the tables on the powerful and exploitive? Arrogant hunters, and crafty ducks never got the better of him, a rabbit, favorite prey! 😆

    1. Ah, Bugs Bunny. I confess, Bugs Bunny was over my head, but you couldn’t help laugh with that supernormal good humour and infectious giggle (sound engineers – pure genius0.

      I was a Tom and Jerry fan and grew up to be a cat lover. A friend swore Road Runner was the best and grew up to be a biker.

      You’re a Bugs Bunny fan and grew up to grow carrots.


      Thanks for the memories.

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