GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)


From the week:

The War on Cash: The status of central bank digital currencies (Report)

COVID booster to be authorized before testing completed (Report)

Libya: Civil war starting? (Report) Update (Article)

Poland: Coal becoming cold reality (Article)

Europe: Rising natural gas prices cutting fertilizer production, raising food prices (Article)

Lethal land mines in Ukraine and elsewhere (Article)

Electric vehicles: The U.S. consumers aren’t buying (Report)

China: Southern drought affecting farms (Article)

COVID Vaccination study finds unreported effects (Report)

Iraq: ‘spreading unrest empties U.S. embassy (Report)

Ukraine: Update (Article) More (Article)

U.S. Education: Public school attendance shrinking as parents pursue other options (Report)

U.S. Economy: Will Supreme Court overturn state laws preventing competition? (Report)

Canada: “Unknown cause” became top diagnosis of death after COVID vaccines rollout? (Report)

Energy: France, Germany electricity cost becoming unaffordable (Report)

More energy: Britain too faces power cost surge…

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