GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)


From the week:

Oil geopolitics: An opinionated analyst’s crrent view (Report)

Air travel: Sudden pilot shortage bites (Silence re vaccination mandate) (Report)

U.S. presidential election: Who’s to blame for not reporting the fraud? (Article)

China: A slowing economy: (Article)

Somalia: U.S. enlarging Special Forces presence (Report)

Ukraije : Exploiting Russian overconfidence (Article)

U.S. Crime: Less than 8% of violent crimes involve guns? (Report)

U.S. Electric Grid has a $2 T problem (Article)

India/Pakistan: Tribal troubles escalate (Article)

Geopolitics: Russia began shooting at Israeli aircraft in Syria? (Report)

COVID Vaccination: Significant percentage of specialist’s practice report vaccine injuries (Report)

Western society is collapsing? (Article)

Sri Lanka: Financial collapse, government goes broke (Report)

European Union to replace Russian oil with green energy via rationing, compulsory solar panels, etc. (Report)

COVID Vaccination: CDC data show excess, non-COVID deaths (Report)

U.S. life expectancy decline…

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