3 Replies to “No sympathy for widows from the vaccine zealots | TCW”

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for your post. The whole thing is abhorrent. But whatever the government and big pharma did, and they make me exceedingly angry, I did ask myself why did people not double check as I and others did?

    I was suspicious from the start, indeed when I worked out in June 2020 what was really going on and what Covid 19 is, I wrote to the government and told them not to waste money (taxpayers’ money) on vaccines which I realised by then could only harm or kill if they did anything at all.

    I did this despite being physically ill with an alleged cancer, a diagnosis I now know to be false (since September 2020). I was given 9 sessions of immuno-therapy of it transpires it is strictly an experimental drug (albeit around for a few years). I believe that I may have had the equivalent of 9 vaccines in as many months!!

    Anyway, intelligent people, most of my family as far as I can tell and my friends seem to have succumbed to the ‘advertising’.

    So I feel deeply for those who have suffered and fight tooth and nail online and in meeting people as I try to detoxify my body from the poisons in me.

    But I also say to those who lost loved ones, why did you not double check, did the whole thing not seem bizarre?

    Anyway, many thanks again, we keep fighting to get the truth out. It will set us free.

    1. Agree bizarre. It is hard to believe what is happening. Sorry if it seems I have been ignoring you. My ipad and the library computers won’t let me see the comment and like section. I have a new device where its working for how long though. Thank you for your relevant and helpful comments.

      1. Please don’t worry, and how frustrating. for you. Technology is great but…

        There is a phrase, ‘Cast your bread upon the waters, and after many days it will return to you’. I make comments as it seems suitable and see what comes of it.

        It may seem strange, but all of this so-called crisis is waking people up to what has been going on for a very long time. Therefore a great deal of good is coming out, far more that perhaps you might think or dream of.

        Unless you dream big of course!

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