GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)


From the week:

Philadelphia: Unvaccinated city workers facing involuntary leave, then termination (Report)

Google Chrome browser has been hacked (Report)

Social control: Chin’s “Social Credit” citizen controls developing worldwide (Report) (More)

Fatburgs: The growing menace under our streets (Article)

Energy: Analysis of Russia’s gas ultimatum on Europe (Article)

U.S. Government agencies suppressed COVID information under political pressure per Government Accountability Office (Report)

U.S. police can now track cell phones without a warrant (Report)

Southern California drought: Water boards imposing rationing with fines (Report)(More)

The advertised U.S. food crisis: Accidental or planned? (Article) (Or largely propaganda?)

Education: U.S. charter schools eclipse the rest of the failing system (Article)

COVID vaccination: The many ways it can harm your health (Report)

More COVID vaccination: Study finds resulting complications 40X greater than reported (Report)

The Rules Have Changed: You (and I) no longer…

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