Tales from the Conspiratum

Mac Slavo
April 22nd, 2022

A mathematician and professor of risk information management atQueen Mary University of Londonhasstarted warning the publicabout how government officials manipulated the COVID-19 data and lied to the public when implementing testing, lockdown, mask, and vaccine protocols throughout the plandemic.

Dr. Norman Fenton, Ph.D., says that almost from the very start of the scamdemic, he could see that health officials were manufacturing “proof” of a crisis in order to mislead the public into accepting wide-scale tyranny and medical abuse under the guise of getting “vaccinated”. Fenton spoke with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on his “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast” about this subject, revealing that most governments were willing to not“let a crisis go to waste,”so they created nonsensical propaganda and peddled it to their people.

“It was clear I think from the start that most of the data…

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