The Real Reason All Eyes are on Ukraine, by Helen of desTroy — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Pay no attention to what WHO is doing behind the curtain while the fighting rages in Ukraine. From Helen of desTroy at Even many Americans in the reality-based community were blindsided when the much-hyped “invasion of Ukraine” actually came to pass, having assumed Putin would stop at recognizing the Donbass republics’ self-declared independence and […]

The Real Reason All Eyes are on Ukraine, by Helen of desTroy — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Putin’s Nuclear Threat, by Scott Ritter — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

One simple fact seems to elude western policymakers and media: Putin and his government are genuinely afraid of Russia being attacked by the U.S. and NATO. From Scott Ritter at Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. (U.N. Photo/Cia Pak) Vladimir Putin is a madman. He’s lost it. At least that is what the […]

Putin’s Nuclear Threat, by Scott Ritter — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

What You Should Really Know About Ukraine — The New Dark Age

As tensions began to rise over Ukraine, US media produced a stream of articles attempting to explain the situation with headlines like “Ukraine Explained” (New York Times, 12/8/21) and “What You Need to Know About Tensions Between Ukraine and Russia” (Washington Post, 11/26/21). Sidebars would have notes that tried to provide context for the current headlines. But to truly understand this crisis, you would need to know much more than what these articles offered.

What You Should Really Know About Ukraine — The New Dark Age

Eight Years Ago: US-NATO Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine

Canada Man's Sandbox

This article first published by Global Research on March 6, 2014 at the very outset of the Ukraine crisis explains the nature of the Kiev proxy regime.

It is of utmost relevance to anunderstanding of recent events.

What is happening in Ukraine has serious geopolitical implications and could potentially lead to a World War III scenario.

It is important that a peace process be initiated with a view to preventing escalation.

Global Research does not support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


We are dealing with acoalitiongovernment (integrated by two neo-Nazi parties) which is supported by “Western democracy” and the “international community”.

According to the New York Times,

The United States and the European Union have embraced the revolution here as anotherflowering of democracy, a blow to authoritarianism and kleptocracy in the former Soviet space.”(After Initial Triumph, Ukraine’s Leaders Face Battle for Credibility,

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Woke’s mischievous little brother – Ukraine

The Woke hate-inciting mantra that ALL white people are white-supremacist racists has somewhat foundered on the absence of evidence. So how to increase the numbers of white-supremacist racists in the West to give this Woke claim credibility?

Where in the world are there lawless, violent, criminal white-supremacist racists?

Found one. A pariah state on the borders of both Europe and Russia.

Provoke a war there, then flood the West with Nazis.

Job done.

(Don’t worry, Whoopi. Fights between white folks is nothing for black folks to worry about).