GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)


From the week:

Australia: Canberra police using microwave radiation weapons against freedom truckers? (Report)

World Finance: A brief outline history of how it’s all coming down (Article)

The U.S. military: Office politics undermine Pentagon spies (Report)

The Pandemic: U.S. national emergency status extended (Report)

More pandemic: Vaccination risks may exceed COVID risk for several ages (Article)

Still more pandemic: Why is the U.S. government (CDC) withholding vaccination data? (Report)

Canada: Preacher jailed for supporting trucker protest of COVID mandates (Report)

More Canada: Moving to make emergency asset freeze powers permanent (Report)

Chicago: 6 time felon charged for dumping heroin inventory from high police official’s car (Report)

U.S. Jails: More states imprisoning men with women upon request (Report)

U.S. Education: Premier medical schools adopting mandatory anti-white race training (Report)

U.S. Travel: Republican states joining Democrats setting up internal passports (Report)(

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