Parasite Empire Unravelled

The Most Revolutionary Act

Struggle for Emancipation, David Alfaro Siqueiros, 1961

By Hiroyuki Hamada

Wrong Kind of Green

So before Covid, a local school where one of my kids used to attend had prominent race issues. Namely, teachers were being accused of being blind to obvious racist incidences against black students. The normalized notion of racism was so rampant that the school was forced to embrace some sort of deprogramming sessions by a parent-led committee on the issue.  However, this committee itself was ultimately deemed rather racist in its own way by the school’s black alumni group. To me, at the end, it became rather obvious that the whole momentum was part of a corporate political campaign for the Democratic Party establishment.  The same people who raised their fists and said “Black Lives Matter” turned out to be the supporters of Joe Biden who has bragged that he was the architect of crime…

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Judge Rejects FDA’s 75 Year Delay On Vax Data, Cuts To Just 8 Months, from Tyler Durden — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

A judge won’t give the FDA 75 years to release data it took less than year to review. From Tyler Durden at A federal judge has rejected a request by the FDA to produce just 500 pages per month of the data submitted by Pfizer to license its Covid-19 vaccine – and has ordered […]

Judge Rejects FDA’s 75 Year Delay On Vax Data, Cuts To Just 8 Months, from Tyler Durden — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Derek Mackie: Jacinda advises on the fragility of democracy(!) — Waikanae Watch

from the Breaking Views NZ blog — Jacinda Ardern has given a virtual speech at Joe Biden’s Summit for Democracy on, wait for it… the fragility of democracy.  No, I’m not joking!   Like me, you probably didn’t know anything about this summit, or care for that matter, and that’s OK because, like most summits, they achieve […]

Derek Mackie: Jacinda advises on the fragility of democracy(!) — Waikanae Watch

This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy


Investigative journalist, NY Times bestselling author and five-time Emmy Award winning television presenter Sheryl Attkisson gave testimony to the Corona Ausschuss recently. The topic of discussion was “astroturfing”.

A term initially coined in the political sphere, astroturfing means the creation of a movement orchestrated by corporate or political interests, designed to appear as though it originates from the people as a grass roots movement. It is a multi billion dollar global industry, employing “smear artists” working for corporate and political interests at high levels.

Powerful astroturf businesses monopolise every mode of communication used by the general public, from online information and late night comedy talk show topics, to non profit fundraiser issues. The goal is to make people feel like outliers with a minority opinion in order to push an agenda. This makes us afraid to speak on topics and marginalises us if we do, in…

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Irish Senator Keogan: Governments Have Made Participation in Society Contingent Upon Consumption of the Product of a Private Company Under Threat of Force

Mining Awareness +

Governments globally have collectively made ordinary participation in society contingent upon consumption of the product of a private company, under direct or indirect threat of force.” Irish Senator Sharon Keogan, 9 Dec. 2021

Senator Sharon Keogan” speech:

Senator Sharon Keogan
I welcome the Minister to the Chamber.
You would have to laugh, if it were not so serious, at the phrase “extraordinary time-limited measures” contained in this Bill’s explanatory memorandum. As each Bill was passed, that “time-limited nature” was stressed so heavily and yet each sunset clause extension was used in its entirety – every single one, for the full amount. When we were debating those, the Minister, Deputy Stephen Donnelly, stressed that this was the end of it, and once those dates came and went, new legislation would have to be drawn up. New legislation being drawn up would give the Houses a…

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