This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy


Investigative journalist, NY Times bestselling author and five-time Emmy Award winning television presenter Sheryl Attkisson gave testimony to the Corona Ausschuss recently. The topic of discussion was “astroturfing”.

A term initially coined in the political sphere, astroturfing means the creation of a movement orchestrated by corporate or political interests, designed to appear as though it originates from the people as a grass roots movement. It is a multi billion dollar global industry, employing “smear artists” working for corporate and political interests at high levels.

Powerful astroturf businesses monopolise every mode of communication used by the general public, from online information and late night comedy talk show topics, to non profit fundraiser issues. The goal is to make people feel like outliers with a minority opinion in order to push an agenda. This makes us afraid to speak on topics and marginalises us if we do, in…

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