Auschwitz Did Not Fall From The Skies


In January 2020, at 94yo, Marian Turski spoke to an audience at the celebration of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. His words seem a pertinent forewarning less than two years later.

Oneday, in those early 1930s, you can read an inscription on the benches, “Jews must not sit on these benches“. You can say it’s not fair, it’s not right but there are other benches, you can sit somewhere else.

There was a swimming pool and over its door was an inscription that read “Jews must not enter“. Not pleasant, but anyway there are other places to swim.

Somewhere else, “Jews must not belong to German singing associations“. So what? Alright? If they want to sing, let them meet somewhere else and they will do their singing.

Later, an order, “Non Aryan children must not play with German children“. Alright, they’ll…

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