Lithuania – the Devil’s own experimental gulag

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Today I hand my blog over to Lithuanian, @gluboco, and as he is a messenger from God, let’s call him Angel. He even refers to his favourite food as “heavenly” though its origin is much more down to earth. He forages for mushrooms in the forests of Lithuania, and becomes ecstatic when he finds chanterelles.

Angel is married with two children. They are expecting a third. They are neither rich nor poor and he describes his family as being “very ordinary”. Since the Covid-19 farce hit the planet Lithuania has – not for the first time – been taken over by a totalitarian regime. It is the worst-hit country in Europe, and is most likely a testing-ground to see how such controls can be made to work elsewhere.

Restrictions imposed are reminiscent of former times under Soviet control, German occupation during both world wars, or 30 years of Tsarist…

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One Reply to “Lithuania – the Devil’s own experimental gulag”

  1. Planetary governments, obsoleted by technological advances, are imposing stasis in defensive reaction? How long from there to relax and develop governmental mechanics appropriate to our new abilities and understanding?

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