Fangkong Genocide


Eight months old. Saved from Covid by Fangkong.

China Promotes “Fangkong” Its Autocratic Approach To Crisis Management—Democracies Take Note

The term Fangkonghas become common term in China in recent years initially in reference to domestic security. The “fangkong system” is the use of extensive surveillance, tracking and control of citizens’ movements, and harsh, often preemptive punishment for anyone who the party thinks intends to violate the rules.For example, in early 2000, thefangkongsystem was used to crack down on pornography, gambling, fugitives, etc. Over time, the term took on additional significance in relation to public health such as the effort provide stronger measure to addressHIV/AIDS.

Fangkongsoon became the principal method for addressing public health emergencies—SARS in 2003, avian influenza in 2003, and swine flu in 2009. The term now is included in theofficial nameof China’s CDC.

When the coronavirus hit China, the fangkong system was…

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