Vaccine ‘passports’ must give credit for natural immunity

Freedom Of Speech

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Anyone truly committed to following science should enthusiastically demand that any mandates for COVID vaccination give credit for natural immunity resulting from a prior infection. Indisputably, all medical research shows that natural immunity is even better than vaccine immunity.

Before reading some of the relevant medical data, consider that some countries are acting in a far better way than U.S. federal agencies like FDA, CDC and NIH.

Israel has a Green Pass program that provides access to public venues like museums, restaurants and gyms. It officially recognizes immunity from either vaccination or recovery from COVID infection – meaning natural immunity.

Similar to this wise government policy is that France, Germany and Italy advise just one dose of a COVID vaccine for those with prior infection. This is a clear recognition by these governments that natural immunity really has scientific merit.

In May, MedPage Today published an

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