Australia: Hundreds of Maskless Beachgoers Ignore COVID Karen Threatening Fines



The people have had enough with these tyrannical control freaks

Heartening video out of New South Wales, Australia shows hundreds of beachgoers enjoying the sun and carrying about their business while a government “Karen” threatens fines over a bullhorn.

The video from North Bondi beach in Sydney shows a frustrated Waverley Council representative threatening fines for violating strict COVID guidelines while beachgoers ignore her pleas.

“To everybody who’s lying on the beach: please remember you are in breach of the public health order if you are not wearing your mask,” the Karen said over a loudspeaker.

People who live within 5 kilometers of Sydney’s beaches are allowed to attend a beach provided they wear a mask and practice social distancing.

“Please put your mask on. Otherwise fines will apply. Also remember, social distancing is vital. We’re not out of this mess yet, and if you are outside of…

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