Study: Ph.D.s most hesitant about COVID vaccines when comparing education levels

Two universities recently decided to determine if education played any role in a person’s hesitancy to get the COVID vaccine.

Of course, many on the left are suggesting that it is the uneducated, and typically throw evangelicals into this group, are the ones avoiding vaccines.

Well, a study, conducted by the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, came to a slightly different conclusion.

In their review of survey data of over five million people conducted between January and May 2021, they concluded, based on education, that those with Ph.D.’s were actually the ones showing the most hesitancy about COVID vaccinations.

The Blaze adds that the researchers provided a ranking of the most hesitant to receiving a vaccine to the least hesitant, with Ph.D.’s topping the list:

  1. Ph.D.
  2. High school or less
  3. Some college

Citing WebMD, the Blaze stated that the survey revealed that across all groups, 50% of those…

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2 Replies to “Study: Ph.D.s most hesitant about COVID vaccines when comparing education levels”

  1. Not all smart people have degrees. But I’d bet there is a correlation between all people with higher intelligence and rejecting the Covid injections.

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