China’s “Social Credit” System Has Arrived In America


by Zero Hedge

As a journalist in China, Liu Hu was no stranger to punishment.

For reporting on corruption among government officials, Hu was arrested, accused of “fabricating and spreading rumours,” and fined.

But then one day in 2017 he suddenly found that he wasunable to buy a plane ticket.The system just rejected him. He also found hecouldn’t purchase certain train tickets.

Then he discovered that he wasunable to acquire a loanfrom any bank, and evenforbidden from buying propertyat all.

Eventually Liu Hu discovered his nameon a government “List of Dishonest Persons Subject to Enforcement.”And there was no obvious way to appeal the designation, or have his name removed from the list.

Hu was one of the early victims of the Chinese social credit system which blacklists citizens who are found to be untrustworthy— in the sole discretion of the Chinese…

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