It’s Time to Return to Vigorous Medical Debate

Nwo Report

Source: Brian Parsons

The world has been living with COVID-19 for more than eighteen months now.I think they call this the new normal.If by now you haven’t developed natural immunity to the virus, there are a half-dozen or so COVID-19 vaccines and candidates publicly available to you or in approval stages.The bulk of the country is mostly open, and many states have been for six to eight months or more.As the summer wanes and a return to school approaches, we’re beginning to hear the mutterings of an all too familiar disease management style that places an outsized emphasis on reduced public interaction, masking, and even lockdowns.

These measures have had disastrous consequences economically, with skyrocketing inflation and supply chain disruptions. They’ve taken an enormous toll on the physical and mental health of the public as suppressed treatment and diagnosis for other ailments have resulted in increased morbidity and

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