The worst U-turn on vaccine passes

The New Dark Age

26 July 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Dear friends,

You can’t have missed the news that the Government wants to make vaccine passes mandatory from September for large gatherings, without even the option of a test as an alternative. The front pages have been filled with Government threats confirming our worst fears – access to nightclubs, sports events, and even universities could be restricted to only those with COVID vaccine IDs.

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2 Replies to “The worst U-turn on vaccine passes”

  1. Yes – flip-flopping has been their consistent tactic, advocating both sides of an argument then using the one most convenient for the moment. Mask-don’t mask. Lockdown-don’t lockdown. Work at home-don’t work at home. Freedom days-no-freedom days. Go on holiday-don’t go on holiday. Socially isolate-don’t socially isolate. Back and forth, at speed, no warning, arbitrary timing.
    Like how as kids we played with elastic bands, stretch -release, stretch -release, until the elastic band broke. Forcing people to constantly adjust destroys resilience.

    But there are reputable tests which can detect that people have previously been exposed to Covid and recovered, and so have natural immunity. T cell antibodies. If you have achieved natural immunity as many have, after all it is a pandemic, then you don’t need a vaccine.

    eg I had measles as a kid – why would I take a measles vaccine?

    I had Covid March last year – so why would I need a vaccine?

    No the policy is obviously to force vaccination by not permitting exemptions even for people for whom vaccination is not needed.

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