Australians Are Quietly Losing Their Right to Free Speech

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In September, more than half of Australia’s environmental scientists working for the federal and state governments reported that they had been “prohibited from communicating scientific information” to the general public.

Research on climate change, the extinction of animal species and pollution was all being suppressed.

Despite the potential for scientific research to shape national elections, the federal government did not intervene to protect any of their scientists’ right to free speech.

There was not a single member of the Liberal party who came to their defence. Where was Tim Wilson? Where was Dan Tehan and his free speech crusade? Where were the Liberal party’s liberal members?

The idea of liberty seemed to have suddenly vanished from their hearts.

Eight score years ago, Robert Menzies spoke about the four freedoms at risk during World War 2. He listed freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom of worship and freedom of expression…

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One Reply to “Australians Are Quietly Losing Their Right to Free Speech”

  1. No surprising – once part of “a” system you are bound by that systems set of rules. One of the rules is not to talk about anything outside “the company”. Much like “insider” trading, the secrets can’t be talked about.
    But for me – I can say anything at any time (imma nobody) no one listens to a word I say. ***seriously… Even when I say “see, I told you so!” Having said that – even I am not without my tongue-tiedness.
    I say some thing my friends/family don’t like, I’ll be black balled quick like.

    Free speech is hardly free – it will always cost

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