By 2030 You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy


by Zero hedge

The title of this article projectsan ominous future where the masses are controlled by a few.Over the years I have written several articles covering the elite gathering in Davos. The global elites see theWorld Economic Forum(WEF) as an opportunity to promote their views and various causes.

These people often fail to see that many of us have come to view Davos, asa notorious rendezvous for the world’s elite that grant us the honor of paying for their schemes in some way or form.

Such gatherings are not for our sake but more for the benefit of plutocratslike Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. The Global Reset they are pushing often reeks of their desire to “break the world” with their ruthless corporate agendas that continue to move political power into the hands of the globalist elite. To counter…

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2 Replies to “By 2030 You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy”

  1. Why wait until 2030?
    I own this house – – but I’ll never own the property it sits on.
    I own this car – – but without this auto insurance and registration I’m not allowed to drive it on public roads.

    I’m a 50 something year old making good money – what do I have to show for it? In the blink of an eye ***poof*** it can all be gone.

    What is the point of it all?

    1. Fraid you could be on to something. Don’t have the reference but a blogger speculated how the bit about having nothing could be brought about, referring home owners and people with land. He speculated the state would just raise taxes until the ownership became unaffordable. In the article on the cost of zero carbon I reblogged a few articles back if legislation forced owners to make the required heating adjustments only the very wealthy could afford homes. – Already in the pipeline and virtually ignored by the MSM.
      And if money is made digital – as you say – poof, it can disappear in a second.
      The primary battle for survival appears to be against our rulers – perhaps that is the third eternal truth after death and taxes.

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