COVID Baby Bust Accelerates Nine Months After Lockdowns

Nwo Report

Bloomberg shows a shocking chart that when factoring all the deaths in 2020 and into 1Q21, including virus-related deaths, U.S. births only exceeded deaths by 45,000 in February and March.

Source:Zero Hedge

In a previousnotelast month, we said one of the biggest deflationary threats looms over the U.S. economy, that is,birth rates have fallen to their lowest level in a generation. Diving deeper into the baby bust, new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows nine months after the virus pandemic was first declared a national emergency, U.S. births plunged 8% in December, according toBloomberg.

CDC data showed an acceleration in birth declines for the second half of 2020. Full-year data shows that the number of babies born countrywide fell 4% to 3.6 million, the most significant decline since 1973, the start of the stagflation of the 1970s.

The latest CDC data disproves the…

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