TODAY’S LONDON DEMO: the beginning of the end for élite hanky-panky

The Slog

The Matt Hankypanky affair (if that’s not too narrow a term) is alternately hilarious, mysterious, a sign of the times – and yet ultimately, for me, a demonstration of unpardonable arrogance and hypocrisy by the Health Secretary. All of that has relevance for today’s important demo – due to gather at some point in Parliament Square.

Hilarity was built into the story from the start. A furtive little man takes a peek outside the door to check the coast is clear, and then engages in full snoggrope with the attractive aide in question. With a name like Hancock, you’d think he might see the risk coming; but no, he gets stuck in anyway…engaging in what he later calls “breaking social distancing rules”, a minor misdemeanour easily dismissed by Boris Johnson -a case, perhaps, of Frank Harris judging the morality of Casanova.

The mystery for me is how The Sun, gawd…

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