How to translate from woke into English

Law of Markets

From Combatting Social Justice Rhetoric: A Cheat Sheet for Policy Makers. With these reminders to assist you.

When they say “Cultural Competence“, what they mean is: Cultural stereotyping, which is neo-racist indoctrination in Critical Race Theory, and an ineffective method with no basis is scientific evidence.

When they say “Environmental Justice“, what they mean is: Environmental issues are race issues, which is using environmental protection for unrelated political purposes, and an ineffective way to protect the environment.

When they say “Critical Race Theory“, what they mean is: Race-centered thinking, which is the view that racism is baked into the system and inescapable, that racism is present even if no one is racist, and the view that all disparities in group outcomes are due to racist systems.

When they say “Equity“, what they mean is: Equality of Outcomes, which is a violation…

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